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the promotion process of product

Enhance the product experience, and promote the emotional resonance of consumers with product characteristics to promote consumer buying behavior, especially for smart cabinets in an awkward situation. Product information can be disseminated in the process of resonance.Anti-moisture WPC deep embossed deck

Nowadays, many models related to interactive marketing can be seen in the market. Whether…


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largest professional floor manufacturers

It is one of the largest professional floor manufacturers in China. It is the first flooring company to acquire China **** and one of the four brands with the title of "China Top Brand Product" in the flooring industry. One of the first batch of national MSPs ,Plastic Lattice Roof Panels

China's first floor laminate flooring up and down the assembly line, bamboo flooring sales of similar products in the country first,…


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Wood flooring precious high quality

has the tenacious character that craftsmanship and technology have given it to meet its needs. Expert solutions: The texture and texture of the cork floor surface is determined by the process of processing cork bark, which is close to nature and has a stable performance,best composite decking value chain

proven cork flooring will not mold, and will not cause insects, and will not cause harm to the human body Any…


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largest integrated flooring production

with a variety of unique style of the floor color, whether it is the color of the floor, Wood surface, crystal face, diamond face, pretty face, natural relief surface or retro style, warm and romantic, simple and stylish, walking can meet your personality needs.current price of wood plastic composite per sq ft

These competitive advantages not only cater to the development…


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floor manufacturers in this spring

before the "3.15" fueled, after the May 1 Golden Week sales expectations, many floor manufacturers in this spring promotional techniques All brains. Such as Filinger launched the "quality of life Germany wind" activities, Del put forward the "special offer back to 10%" slogan and so outdoor deck composite flooring

The Secretary-General of the Consumers Association said…


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not difficult to see that

but discerning eye is not difficult to see that the expansion of China and Japan once the map can describe the success of the home market monopoly by the home retail model will be completely broken. But in terms of price, and will not be on the city's sales price caused too much impact,cheapest porch transcend decking

more is to attract high-end consumer groups. At the same time, Qu Mei…


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macro-resistant high-quality floor

if you buy such a macro-resistant high-quality floor, in fact spread to every day cheaper. [Focus home network] I would like to ask, macro resistant raw materials are derived from where? [Li Wei] Our main raw materials in the domestic production, there are some imported from Germany,white lattice fence panel in plastic

there are some American. Now we are gradually in the localization, can reduce costs, consumers can benefit…


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the quality of the floor

to strengthen the quality of the floor and solid wood flooring shape of the organic combination of China opened a new chapter in the composite flooring industry. "NCD no corner technology" water production line of the invention put into operation,best waterproof pool decking

to speed up the characteristics of products in the country's large-scale, industrial production process, hundreds of times to enhance the production…


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property disputes before the wood flooring

Jiang Shixi said that if the bamboo products business does not actively respond to the case, it will give enterprises and the whole industry has a serious impact. Throughout China's home industry, wood flooring enterprises in the face of intellectual property disputes before the wood deck for above ground pool

business has long been the first to bear, and the patent litigation of the wood flooring business…


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selling wood flooring Store

Because CCTV has never rated any brand list. However, in some markets, known as their own brand CCTV CCTV list brand, really a lot. Hangzhou, the largest new building materials wholesale market, March 28, 2007, the reporter in the new era of the second floor of the Decoration Plaza, the floor area found that many shops are selling wood flooring a gate fence from composite decking

prominently placed CCTV CCTV list of brand…


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the trademark on the famous President

keen on the name of the firm. One day, he from the "mandarin ducks on the night of the tentative strategy, peacock spring show jade screen" sentence whim, will apply for the trademark on the famous President Putin, homophonic "shop gold" and ready to commission the auction of the trademark auction The "This is exactly Mr. Song for the auction.plastic wood lumber fences

of their own" paving the gold "trademark design of the…


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Proporcionar una garantía de calidad común

Condiciones de instalación para la construcción, y algunos accesorios, como la dureza de la cola, la intensidad no es suficiente para causar el suelo y otros problemas asociados con el agrietamiento. Consejos de la Asociación de Consumidores: comprar pisos laminados Tenga en cuenta que la elección de una gran fuerza de la marca,Por encima de la piscina cerca de la piscina y cubiertas fotos

Y debe exigir al fabricante que…


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large province of bamboo resources

high-tech equipment to improve the province's bamboo flooring production enterprises of the technical content, so that products in the fierce competition in the upper hand. Our province is a large province of bamboo resources, the total number of bamboo in the country ranked second, the composite floor wpc wood decking suppliers in florida

province of bamboo up to 1.5 billion, bamboo production of 4086 million, the…


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simple and practical decoration

Consumers: to good quality and good quality of the home improvement industry, said Ms. Lau: 'I prefer simple and practical decoration, his home decoration is economical decoration, this is still home improvement friends told me that luxury decoration will make people feel is the hotel Lack the taste of the home,plastic fence posts inverness

it seems to listen to his right, now very satisfied with their…


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floor of the international forest floor

Henglin town government and the Italian Industrial Design Institute, China Furniture Association signed a total investment of 4.5 billion yuan, a total investment of 1 billion yuan, "Jiangsu Furniture Science and Technology Industrial Park" cooperative development projects. In addition, the joint venture project 3, the agreement to use foreign capital 25 million US dollars.most durable deck coating



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strengthen the floor is still our country

But this product is China's traditional products of traditional Chinese industries, the Chinese people particularly like the product. But with the lack of timber resources, valuable timber resources, the control of timber resources, environmental control, policy control, raw material tension situation is incredible,hardwood and composite decking

but to meet the needs of the community can only do fine to…


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the surface of the floor durable

to ensure that the mirror layer and floor substrate permanent perfect fit, And the use of special technology to make the floor surface smooth, bright. Mirror processing technology to ensure that the floor of the high-gloss glossy, luxurious style, creating a high-grade solid wood flooring effect. Del VH bright series is not easy to crack,composite horse pasture fencing

the use of superior adhesion to…


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economic belt with the bridgehead

Integration of the entire building materials and related industrial chain, to change the traditional business scattered, the pattern of their own to scale advantages, creating industry thriving city, build home building materials industry super aircraft carrier. After the completion of the Guorui Building Materials Home Expo Center to operate the main building materials,wooden plastic balcony… Continue

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new build Better-home program

timber prices will gradually decrease, the overall increase will not exceed 8%, timber prices will gradually stabilize. I think this judgment is based on the 2006 raw material gains inferred, last year several price adjustments may have been digested the impact of substrate prices. Do not rule out the floor manufacturers for the spring of 2007 sales season,buy veranda fence panels online

when the rise of the cabinet business also…


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characteristics of strengthening the floor

Because it is not limited by the timber resources, so ultra-solid wood flooring usually use valuable tree species as its surface material lines, such as red oak, red sandalwood, Huang Feng, hickory, jade sandalwood, to rare rare lines to attract consumers. At the same time, 70% of the raw materials used in ultra-solid wood flooring using high-density board,composite decking picnic table

the wood from the artificial fast-growing…


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