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Wood plastic environmental protection and durability of new materials will become the mainstream

The wood-plastic composite material (WPC) is a kind of plant fiber, which is made up of industrial and domestic waste plastic and wood powder and agricultural waste. It is scientifically formulated with the coupling agent (compatibilizer) and other additives, Will be incompatible with the two substances together, special processing, is significantly different from the wood and plastic of a new material. WPC is a typical green low-carbon products, can be molded, injection or extrusion molding…


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old long evolution

Vietnam, intellective complete pine board series, in order to satisfy home market diversity, custom-built to plank product change, high end changes appeal to beg. Brief introduction of Wood Board Fence For Security Spanish FINSA group,Regard forest products of European old brand as the group, spanish FINSAS founds 1931. Through 80 old long evolution, the company has maturity at present and advanced forestry product manufactures…


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gode floor did not

do more high-end brands. Local enterprises have no abundant capital strength, usually can only come from doing the product, and marketing idea to a unique, novel deck ideas for a doughboy above ground pool . Such as gode floor did not go home most of the floor enterprise go big traditional sales mode of building materials market,

but actively seek cooperation with foreign well-known large household supermarket chain, thus…


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Indonesian wood floor

Import plank price bullish guangdong pearl international timber market fish Yao Bike, director of the office on February 1, told our reporter interior wood wall cladding details , at present guangzhou court merbau (note: an Indonesian wood floor), the price of the log is about 2400 ~ 2500 yuan/cubic meter,

plank price is about 4200 ~ 4300 yuan/cubic meter, and before the tsunami in the Indian Ocean, the same variety price…


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that from the night to sleep

residue improve greatly reduce the trailing screen phenomenon, showing extraordinary outstanding super fine picture, bring more shocking visual experience. SHARP LCD TV is SHARP LCD-60LX640A advantages: user evaluation and colleagues home

Samsung HD Taiwan were compared, the image quality is stronger; always worried before buying online said: Xia Puping is dead king, Japan is a small three class screen product to Chinese. Bought after repeated examination, do not bad, maybe 640 is not…


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window of door

In August 3-5 day, by China institute of industry of lumber of Lin Ke courtyard, China forest learns lumber industry branch to sponsor, industry of Jilin brother timber popular wooden wall panels india limited company undertakes, material of countrywide woodiness function and products technology forum saved the Changchun City to be held ceremoniously in Jilin 2016.

The subject that Bencihui…


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the floor or in order to express

Sheng of "concern about environmental protection, love life, return to nature, sustainable development" as the basic idea. In terms of service, Shengda opened 4S Marketing Center in 2004, namely, Sales (Standardized Floor Sales), Supply (Standardized Parts Supply), Service (Standardized Customer Service) and Source (Standardized Information Feedback) to provide consumers with high quality Of the service.

In addition, the floor or in order to express the appreciation of the reader,…


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fiberboard into floor

Once found quality problems, the scientific quality control system to help companies find out quality problems cable railing cost per linear foot , improve the process as soon as possible.

Iconography, for example, shenzhen factory "the quality of the product traceability management system". Under this system, the factory produced a floor every product has its own number…


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the closer the fabric

Co. Ltd. (Panasonic) in 1918 2 Matsushita of Japan, the world's top 500 enterprises, the world brand, large multinational companies, electronics manufacturers in the world one of the largest Panasonic (Chinese) Limited) 3 OSIM OSIM (founded in Singapore

in 1980, one of the leading global health care products Singapore famous brand, ten massage chair brand, OSIM international Limited by Share Ltd (4) spirit was founded in 1988, Fujian famous brand products, high-tech enterprises,…


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advocate broad forestry

Handcrafted the craft that Ba Luo overcomes archaize hand to blow a floor, be reservation of life home floor " fossil " class manufactures technology, craftsman people want replacement plastic slats for a park bench the backside in each floor, hit oneself impress. On August 8, green of Russian lumber company develops alliance to peaceful in Heilongjiang province in fragrance river city holds water formally.



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quotas for grain production

This is the 4th system of group of consign moxa case. Andelici already received the 2nd order that comes from company of Turkey Camsan Entegre Agac, frontal a system of on ground deck tiles fixed quotas for grain production can the S 2064M pressurization of day of 1 000 T/ is grading system. This will be Turkey the 11st same product line.

Additionally 2 best…


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Wood floor structure classification

In the dazzling array of floor decoration materials,Durable WPC Flower Box wood flooring is the preferred flooring material. As the wood floor is made of natural wood materials, it has a unique texture and texture,[url=http://wpcproduct.com/blog/pvc-fences-between-neighbors.html]PVC Fences between neighbors[/url] to meet the people back to nature, the pursuit of simple psychology, so much the consumers of all…


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new company chairman

The existing total assets of tens of billions of dollars, more than 200 wholly owned and holding, equity participation, holding the four listed companies sonoma outdoor furniture fence , equity participation 11 listed companies. To the question why going into commercial circulation field,

China building material group deputy general manager is also a good accessibility to the new company chairman jian-lin cao explained…


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Flooring categories of national Mianjian products

To Hangzhou, for example, the traditional market through continuous upgrading of the shopping environment, flooring business is constantly expanding the store area, improve the quality of decoration, personalized style has become increasingly evident; the same time, the market competition has also promoted this upgrade, floor culture, aesthetic factors, Service skills, personalized products increasingly clear.

Fourth, the increasingly fierce competition in the country thousands of…


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Three-layer parquet

Floor structure as "sandwich", that is, the use of high-quality surface layer of precious hardwood mosaic of puzzle plate,[url=http://wpcfloordecking.com/blog/lightweight-balcony-flooring.html]lightweight balcony flooring[/url] the center layer of the substrate with a fast-growing soft material, the floor with fast-growing poplar or hard wood. Laminate flooring of the scientific name of impregnated paper laminated wood floor. It also has a three-layer structure, the surface is impregnated…


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strength of compound floor

It is after log smashs, add glue, antiseptic, additive, via high pressure of hot press high temperature suppress is handled and become caravan decks sale in northern ireland , accordingly it broke the physical structure of log, overcame the weakness with log poor stability. Tall, norms consolidates the strength of compound floor,

wear-resisting coefficient tall, anticorrosive, moth-proofing and adornment effect is good,…


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furniture industry credit

of --" font-size:16px" > Hodges sofa Tmall flagship store: " font-size:16px; text-decoration:underline" > perhaps this brand of Keith before we don't know much after the introduction of the above, we are not a little understood?

There is a need to buy a sofa can be considered under the friend oh.In recent years, the air pollution index is getting higher and higher, which seriously harm people's health, many people choose to use air…


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each workshop section

Make reference point of craft of each workshop section examination, clear and uphold a requirement, refine and fulfil responsibility, demote to organize personnel in time to dog to occurrence quality solve, ensure those who produce character amount is stable; Choose new-style import grind segment,plastic composite victorian wpc fencing improve fiber quality; Undertake closely communication with the client, according to the…


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related area of good

(2) overthrow the adjudication that weigh careful, criterion this case will turn over DOC, of first trial instead dumping, return allowance tax rate (namely average tax rate 73.04% ,high density cutting board and bench tops usa castigatory sex tax rate 148.81% ) begin to carry out, and enter annual DOC reexamine phase.

Feldspathic peak of secretary of association of…


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meeting of special

to coil " roll out formally yesterday, start " furniture data standard is unscrambled with choose the hardware that make up · to coil " formulate works. It is reported, this fencing from 84 lumber belongs to national furniture occupation standard, to industry of our country furniture standardization production has main effect.

On August 5,low maintenance plastic…


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