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S45M69B73 - [Carla Reed] - Knott, TX 79748

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I34G43W51 - [Edie Hosono] - Orange, CT 78795

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X95I42C88 - [Madelyn Wyatt] - Edison, NJ 08820

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Qweqwe123's Blog – April 2017 Archive (33)

Пол на рынке

Теперь, что такое статус трех на полу на рынке? LV бин этаж Совета ассоциации индустрии китайского леса Генерального секретаря об анализе этого являются следующим: три вида пола, настил твердой древесины был частью людей, которые любят высокое качество жизни, но с недавних стран стремлении повысить тарифы на импорт твердых изделий из древесины , будет существовать тенденция к росту цен на настил твердой древесины.

Ламинат в будущем для длительного периода времени, слово будет…


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enterprises in floor

Wants to lift consumers because of design and color is not in conformity with domestic outfit integral style and cannot resurface consumer concerns, really make consumers buy at ease. And the quality of product itself, scarlett is with full confidence.

For five consecutive years in the national top ten enterprises in floor, near the top of "Chinese flooring industry brand" reputation, product quality has always been a Claire's pride.

On the service, as a national "after-sales…


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the floor is not a good brand

These seemingly exotic brand floor, More than half of the production is a Changsha native place, Provincial company or reseller to the floor, only to be produced in Hunan The fare increase on their own brand names changed hands and then sold to Hunan, has not exported directly turning to the domestic market to a native of Hunan.

Pain in the neck: Changsha production is not marked "made in the production of Changsha in Changsha, but not labeled" made in Changsha, this is the floor of…


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Пол в провинции Хунань

Силу превосходные личные качества, что делает слово в провинции Хунань имеет преимущество технологического лидера. Как элиты отрасли, их каждый шаг поразил один аккорд с нервами промышленности Китая пол.

Новые технологии и новые продукты всегда идти впереди всей страны и привести тенденции эпидемии тенденции индустрии на полу.

Известно, что Чанша известен как «weatherglass» пола, многие производства древесины бумаги производителей в содействии новый костюм, ум был пилотом в…


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6mm floor for the temporary

The disadvantage is that two kinds of flexible than before so good, quality of a material slants cold, hard, the price is relatively cheap.The building materials market, the cheapest 40 yuan/square meters, the highest at 150 yuan/square meters.

Is not the more the better the performance of precious wood species, According to their own style preferences and economic strength to choose to choose the main points: 1. The surface whether level off at the floor, there are no stains, the…


Added by qweqwe123 on April 29, 2017 at 7:15am — 1 Comment

Look at the floor

Hinder the normal sales several big camp began, when the word "vicious competition" into the scope of our hearing? Look at the floor of the shenzhen market, really busy: at the beginning of the end, the dealer side "show" yourself with a bang, while their plunder.

Then you will understand, vicious competition is not only companies and shouted "jump off a building to sell blood" price war. If price war play is Ming Ming dao, then false advertising and grandiose propaganda is * * to…


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скошенные стеклянные полы

Твердое ядро полы и окна решетки является сделать комнату показаться, изящные и элегантные. Возможно вы заметили изменение дизайна интерьера из викторианской эпохи в Соединенные Штаты, дерева всегда играли весьма важную роль.

Один классический скошенный стекла пола с цветами и удобные природные деревянные окна, пусть мое сердце было действительно в количество людей на дому. Украшающ подсказки: 1. уникальный металл этаж обрабатывает, склонны дать ворота добавить…


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surface of the floor

Solid wood flooring is easy to handle, Dust mite, pollen and other allergy-causing substance will not be adsorbed on the surface of the floor, and it provides a more comfortable and healthy living environment.

The decoration is suggested that: 1. In general, light-colored wood will make a small room look more spacious, so that the sealed room look more open.2. The floor with the edge or artistic pattern can define a special place, and become the focus of the whole room.

For the…


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industry group presses down

Major of board industry group presses down: bridge arranges river timber industry to develop the current situation,Plank of Ou Shunhe countryside machines bridge of of city of old state of the Anhui province course of study starts early, amount much, production value good, assemble expands big, benefit effect is distinct, in June 2025, be believed by province classics appoint award " major of group of industry of the Anhui province is pressed down " .

Company of estate of…


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flooring is vigorously

Recently, following a massive "price war", "new product", unleashing a force is rather large wooden floor industry "service", the famous brand have hit FuWuPai: "national aggrandizement floor leader" kenuosenhua announced that it will push forward the iconography "six ring service" project, aimed at "building industry service specification";

Shengda flooring is vigorously launched "five heart" service mode, claims to "build a more perfect service system"; Real wood floor is big…


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melancarkan produk hutan putih keenam

Ia datang dari, kekurangan Dongnuanxialiang, China semula jadi kayu, dalam menghadapi sejumlah besar sumber-sumber hutan yang dirosakkan, sumber buluh adalah alternatif terbaik. lantai buluh China bermula pada tahun 80 abad lalu, kini telah memasuki struktur yang munasabah, kualiti stabil peringkat matang. Hanya lima tahun,

pengeluaran lantai buluh China telah mencapai lebih daripada 3000 juta meter persegi, pengeluaran dan jualan telah menyumbang 10% daripada jumlah jualan China…


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general as furniture material

wind and frost disasters between Paulownia sooner or later. Therefore, paulownia wood furniture is very easy to get. 2, wide distribution of paulownia wood furniture factory is distributed more widely, this is because the growth of Paulownia Wood location is relatively wide, it is the area conditions requirements are not very high, unlike other trees so fragile. In recent years, many areas planted a lot of Paulownia

in all around, also vigorously AGRISILVICULTURE and planted in the…


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allow business according

Dealing with when allowing to import certificate administration to allow business according to precatory, each agency wants place of serious careful check outside " convention " the export license that administration nucleus sends or reexport certificate, bilateral to was being put in doubt to already perhaps was built affirm a mechanism, be sure to do through me undertake checking; Late to including go into effect movement carries out those who import hedgehog rosewood, outside the…


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back there is also this scar

whether there are defects such as: solid wood bed cracking, scab, bug, mildew, as long as there is some conditions, it shall not buy. 3, if the front has scarred, the same position on the back there is also this scar, this scar basically belongs to a knot, a long time, will fall, so have the defects of furniture is absolutely can't buy.     conclusion: the above is how small the Shuanghu wood bed house, I

hope to help you. Learn more knowledge of furniture welcome…


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floor industry is full of wonderful

Floor as an important branch of the home industry, in this "troubled times", the floor industry to do what changes? How's the effect? In the first half of the floor industry is full of wonderful, building a pergola with composite woodor helpless? In the first half of 2012, the market experience, the face of mixed market environment, not afraid of hardships and hardships, so there are many examples of contrarian and the example of the…


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материалы экспертов отрасли

Предполагается, что последние рынке строительных материалов, общей цены выросли примерно на 20%, фанера, стекло, медь, материалов, таких как металл, электрические, до 40%, изделия из керамики и фарфора также выросли примерно на 10%.

Различные влияния строительных материалов рост цен согласно строительные материалы экспертов отрасли, строительные материалы изменения рыночных цен является совокупность факторов.

Каждый год в это время, благодаря международной фьючерсный рынок и…


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Civilians mahogany furniture sales

On the one hand mahogany furniture bias civilians, while the other hand, the market profits are shrinking, and constantly expand the market to become the business of the business approach. However, the mahogany business why not held a large number of promotional activities? "Mahogany furniture is a culture,used folding chairs sale culture how to promote it?" Reporters interviewed a number of professional mahogany…


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material to produce

Industry of timber of letter of Linyi east gold is subordinate -- Fu Kaimu owner should export Linyi east American market, on high-end plywood foundation, via making an on-the-spot investigation to go up newly high-end furniture collect becomes a useful person project, already became the compositive capable person with river the oldest north to produce a business at present.

Drove about a hundred compositive material to produce the production of the enterprise through…


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Material express furniture culture

A piece of furniture "beauty" should not just look at what it is material, but also care about those delicate workmanship, each arc, yin and yang angle, polished and so on. In the eyes of ancient scholars,high cafe tables and chairs it is their style of life and style, furnishings, furniture and everything everything is the owner of hobby, character and aesthetic consciousness of the embodiment. To accompany their daily…


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floor board of association

Another factor is that recent high oil prices. Soaring oil prices the most direct consequence is the transport costs to rise. Because building materials is different from other products, from the collection of raw materials to the final finished product do not always in the same place, therefore, transportation costs increase more contributed to building materials prices.

Committee of floor board of association of industry of Chinese forestry, secretary general of the Lv Bin thinks,…


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