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Qweqwe123's Blog – May 2017 Archive (136)

the elephant floor in the solid wood flooring

We Sohu home to do the whole family industry happiness survey, would like to know about the Song as a floor of your own business status is happy, if the happiness to score, full of one hundred points, then you will How many points to play? happiness should be with different needs and requirements to evaluate your happiness, but for the floor manufacturers, now affected by the international market,[url=]Green Outdoor…


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Bedroom should not put camphor furniture

Redwood is China's high-end, expensive furniture, timber collectively. Redwood for the tropical region produced, rosewood plants. In the 80s of last century, people's increasing demand for mahogany, the industry needs to be standardized, the state according to the density and other indicators of the Redwood standard for the two subjects, five generals, eight categories, thirty-three. As the saying goes,leisure chair with armrest…


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A solid wood furniture, symptoms

methods. The following and small series together to look at the maintenance of wood furniture coup. A solid wood furniture, symptoms: excessive damp wet weather will lead to small droplets appear solid wood furniture surface, the surface paint of local color, serious cases will breed mildew damp. Because of the increase of water content, the wood causes the local volume expansion. And the connection part

of wood in furniture will lead to cracking because of excessive water content…


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melalui gabungan ubah bentuk

Ratnavali (siri batu permata). Terutamanya dengan mutiara, batu permata, logam berharga dan pelbagai bunga dalam kombinasi siri, ialah perhiasan mewah dengan penuh. Dalam kes ini pereka bentuk akan menjadi pelbagai khazanah melalui gabungan ubah bentuk, mewujudkan pengalaman visual yang berwarna-warni, untuk mencapai kesan hiasan yang kaya dan sibuk.

Menghabiskan bulan dari bermusim, Festival Mid-Autumn adalah "Autumn Festival", musim bunga menyemai bijirin untuk musim luruh pada…


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annatto raw material

The near future, because annatto raw material exports a nation in succession " close " , annatto material origin decreases quickly, bring about price of raw material of domestic annatto market to rise considerably, bring bigger impact to annatto furniture industry. So, how should be annatto furniture company answered? Recently, the reporter visited company of furniture of annatto of our city part, with entrepreneur people the communication that had development.

Exit country "…


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Designed For Comfortable Modern Seating

In making your home elegant,

pe bar furniture dining furniture set

you must have contemporary seating - chairs. Having a modern and fast-paced lifestyle, you need to have chairs that are not only appealing but can give you comfortable and relaxing moments in your home.Whether for dining, entertaining, or just lounging around, you need comfortable seats with that trendy look to match your home… Continue

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stimulation that heats

Reporter observation: Below the stimulation that heats up prices in pineapple case flourishing, the lumber market that calms originally floats eventually the dimple that removed a silk. This showed from flank the market still is having to pineapple case comparative to be approbated high spend and demand.

Just, in the backside with market demand hot flourishing, still cannot cover lumber market situation however exhausted the fact with strong sentiment of discretion of weak,…


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stable batch produces

online birth rate exceeds 110m/min, stable batch produces large base to spend beaverboard under the ultrathin high density of 1.5mm, the smallest ply amounts to 1.0mm, broke through definition of level of beaverboard product state to produce large base limit. According to national forestry bureau man-made board and its goods quality inspection detect center (Nanjing) detect, 0.95g/cm3 of this product density, jing Qujiang spends 53.4MPa,

stretch model measures 4098 MPa, the…


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the flooring industry is not fast consumer goods

He believes that the flooring industry is not fast consumer goods, want to form a long-term reputation, it requires all products are more conducive to consumers,composite fence project estimator which is the company introduced the reasons for zero paint products. According to the Golden Eagle Iger sales staff, this "paint zero" floor and ordinary floor is the biggest difference is that the floor surface coated with plant essential oil…


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whole country

We have to go, By product brand, To create the brand of the source, Then create their own brands, have a personal brand to make the product brand, in fact, no brand into a brand, I think the process is not important.

See what kind of cooperation you are?In East China, there is no way to get to the whole country, how to solve this problem?

This issue is also the question of the need to consider each dealer, Business is now, In the network of Zhejiang Province, brand, including…


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paint filling processing

engineering projects, such as wood ceiling, wooden partition, etc.. Here we take a look at the decoration of the construction needs to pay attention to what the main points. A wood ceiling, anti cracking treatment need to use the wood wood ceiling is very much, including wood keel, Daixinban, and other wood panels. In the decoration construction, it is necessary to ensure that these materials do not appear

dry problems. In the material approach, carefully check to see if there is a…


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lumber of harbor

the theme makes a speech Current situation of industry of industry of lumber of expensive harbor city and development think " gist report Liu Qingjiang of director of bureau of forestry of expensive harbor city is made " current situation of industry of industry of lumber of expensive harbor city and development think " gist reports he introduces, industry of forestry of expensive harbor city grows quickly, already work up becomes one of expensive harbor city's main economy…


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line of business

Dragon starts wooden line of business 2 companies are located at the town on Linyi city level ground, area of C of garden of industry of lumber of Zheng Cheng international 4----5, new company covers an area of about more than 100 mus of ground, provide home product line of the most advanced polish, according to dragon starts mature administrative system, careful control, pledge strictly check, make sure client order asks.

Company advocate battalion breed has pine of New Zealand…


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syarikat-syarikat hiasan dan bahan-bahan akan diadakan

Masing-masing, Henan hiasan yang luar biasa, Beijing hiasan Rambut panjang, hiasan Beijing Dong Yi Risheng, hiasan bumi Henan, Hong Kong hiasan IKEA baru, hiasan rambut yang berterusan, Hong Kong adalah hiasan terbuka dan lain-lain sepuluh syarikat hiasan. Kedua, penyampaian hadiah tempat kejadian juta. Peserta daripada syarikat-syarikat hiasan dan bahan-bahan akan diadakan di majlis kehadiran,

hadiah wang tunai, bahan binaan kupon banyak. Ketiga, kedalaman pakar-pakar industri…


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easy to accumulate dust, so clean and easier

the service life of furniture. But for some high-end furniture, the paint is Japan Xuanhua paint, the surface smooth, water lock effect is higher than that of ordinary paint, therefore, these furniture without special care, only need a simple wipe rag can keep bright, but more and more bright. Two, cleaning waxing is the assistant of solid wood furniture is generally need to wax regularly maintenance, under normal

circumstances, each quarter only play a wax can, so that the furniture…


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strengthens the measure

development that strengthens the measure such as construction of sth resembling a net of drift net of forestry trade matter to promote trade of forest products of prospective our country; Put forward our country forest products to make the directional progress that ought to innovate towards green, make Chinese green live in entire industry to supply chain;

Elaborated forest products international trade to promote the communication of wooden culture and development from the angle…


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the porters

Our human evolution logo is good at using tools, how fast is this to be bigger and stronger?One is the same as the source of our company, A study to the manufacturer, Dealers in the process of the pursuit of profit, Something's wrong, There are two forms of assets One is a visible one is the invisible,

The dealer is the cooperation with P & G, Shanxi Province If not the process of cooperation and Procter & Gamble, I think the learned theory of marketing Through the Procter…


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What are the benefits of stainless steel furniture?

The benefits of stainless steel furniture are as follows: versatile and space saving Since cold rolled sheet strength is better, stainless steel furniture can be processed by bending process to meet many functional requirements, multi-drawer, multi-door, mobile, simple and other advantages in different products Can be done. In addition, many varieties of stainless steel furniture with folding function, not only easy to use,5…


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the quality of imported flooring

and take a variety of measures to seize the high-end products in the market share in the Chinese market continues to occupy the leading position in the European import flooring market. Relevant data statistics, the import floor is squeezing the domestic flooring market,Wood Plastic Composite Railing Manufacturer especially a lot of hardcover villas, high-end office space, five-star hotels, high-end entertainment clubs, almost without exception, the import floor as the first choice. In fact,…


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court eventually found that the decoration

litigation to Mr. Xu failed. Their own loss, but also lost the lawsuit, so that Mr. Xu can not understand, he contract fraud on the grounds, in turn, the decoration company onto the court, asked the other to refund the difference, and equal compensation. However, in the trial, the decoration company provides all the procurement of goods in line with the amount of the invoice,

and the contract does not have the material price subject to market price terms. Therefore, the court…


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