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solid wood floor

"EMC floor super low price, only 99.9 yuan per square meter,"according to understand, the Anxin floor as the first brand of solid wood floor, since entering Yichang,With the excellent quality and good service, not only win the favor of consumers, but also on the market has set off a number of marketing storms.

This time, in the coming of the world, the Anxin floor again with the EMC solid wood multi-layer geothermal floor once again in the market a surge of promotion spree.EMC floor…


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protection, children's toys and furniture

the difference between the wood wax and paint wood wax and paint! Eight small temporary difference, is here to share, I hope to help you, if you want to know more wood wax related knowledge, please continue to pay attention to house decoration network.Wood wax environmental health, excluding three benzene, formaldehyde and heavy metals and other toxic ingredients, there is no pungent smell, favored by the vast number of consumers. Since wood wax is

so good. Well, what about the wood…


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products to be sold

But Chongqing's peers have no fear of the entrance to the B & Q.Mr Jian ma te said that B & Q Nanping will promote the market prosperity.Matt said that B & Q is a proprietary model, and Matt is shop charter business, both positioning different, have a specific consumer group.

And B & Q, which is similar to the home, said, although it also adopts self-based models, and to demand the lowest price for the products to be sold at the supplier.But the East home has its own…


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Outdoor wood floor selection and production process

Outdoor floor and indoor floor is a big difference, it must have a water, light function. Deep carbonized flooring is a kind of outdoor flooring, it is through the high temperature of the pyrolysis of wood to reduce the concentration of hydroxyl components in wood components, thereby reducing the wood moisture absorption and internal stress, to reduce the purpose of wood deformation, Decay resistance, inhibit the growth of decaying bacteria, to achieve the purpose of weathering and…


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clearance and steel doors around

the door and left the door, adjust the gap, according to the need to adjust the clearance, clearance and steel doors around the door is as follows, basic is a straight line, a width of 3 to 4 mm, then in turn connected to the door, wall firmly fixed. 11, due to the construction side wall caused by the error is large, there will be a local door and the wall there is a larger gap, this is normal, is also necessary, no gap can be adjusted door, even without door hole, when

there is a…


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gold-rimmed nanmu

Wooden industry website about gold-rimmed nanmu dog continuously report: Mad and gold-rimmed nanmu: A few ten million drop to a ton of 20 thousand nobody to want· 800 years old rare value of gold-rimmed 4.8m composite decking for backyard nanmu breed is breathtaking is sham the lumber of gold-rimmed nanmu: Embellish Nan [gold-rimmed nanmu of differentiates 4 gist to nod is one of China's particular rare wood [nanmu of silk of cash…


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domestic bamboo flooring products

lot of research projects from the market demand, Interaction with the enterprise ". "In Jiangxi, in addition to the Forestry Research Institute, the basic no other relevant research institutions, companies can only rely on their own research and development, generally need to invest 3% to 5% of the profits, and high-end R & D will need to invest 10% The enterprise is a heavy burden. "Feng Xuquan said that industrialization should be achieved through large-scale, and technology investment…


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wood-based panels and their products

of high quality bamboo as the material, combined with high-tech science and technology, the introduction of more than 120 meters long German production floor production line. Product implementation of the national bamboo flooring GB / T20240-2006 standards, exports in line with European CE standards,[url=]Wood Plastic Exterior Wall board[/url] is non-toxic, harmless green products. Products are exported to the United…


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many anti-bacterial floor manufacturers

floor "put on a layer of antibacterial chiffon, also began to claim antibacterial floor" Reporter investigation: since the wear of anti-bacterial caps reporter visited yesterday to strengthen the floor market found that many anti-bacterial floor manufacturers are promoting their own floor Bacteria rate of 99.9% "[url=]Cheap Outdoor Wood Plastic Fence[/url]," 24 hours to play antivirus But also when the reporter to…


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wood flooring market spot checks

with a huge production capacity, and their products have a good marketing model. This part of the business accounted for about 25% of the market share, followed by some intermediate enterprises, accounting for about 35% of market share, and the latest data show that only in March this year, the relevant state departments in some provinces and cities in the wood flooring market spot checks Found that 20% of the products are substandard…


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