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Here are some ways to identify Prostate 911 Review a male yeast infection Your genital area will be uncomfortable; it will itch and will feel very tender, especially after sexual intercourse. You will find that your penis will be red, or may have red tender spots in certain places. You may notice a white discharge coming from the tip of your penis.

Besides the genital symptoms you will also notice other changes in your body as your body is attacked. You may find that you are much more tired than usual and do not have your usual energy levels. People around you will start to notice how grumpy you are, as you will be feeling unusually irritable and perhaps even depressed. Your memory can take a hit too as the Candida makes its way through your body. Your concentration levels will drop and you will even experience aches in your muscles and joints.

A good indication that you are suffering from a yeast infection and not any other STD is that you will suddenly be craving carbohydrates - bread, beer, chips and pasta. You may also start to suffer from indigestion. You will also notice that you have picked up weight around your middle, the traditional 'beer belly,' even if you don't drink beer!


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