3D Laser Marking Machine: Non-plane Surface Marking

With the rapid development of laser technology, the form of laser processing is also gradually changing. In order to meet the needs of surface processing, 3D laser marking technology has also gradually appeared. It is favored by all walks of life for its fast, efficient and safe environmental protection. It has a laser footprint in many areas.

In the application of graphic information marking, it is more common to use a conventional two-dimensional laser marking machine to perform planar marking on various metallic or non-metallic materials. However, in order to meet the 3D surface marking requirements of various products on the market, 3D surface laser marking machines have appeared and continue to mature and develop.

3D laser marking machine marking is a method of laser surface depression. Compared with the traditional 2D laser marking, 3D marking greatly reduces the surface flatness requirements of the processing object. In the process of deep carving, the effect is both guaranteed and improved. Processing efficiency and effects can be more colorful, and more creative processing technologies have emerged.

In the traditional plane marking machine,the workpieces must be placed on the same plane, and the processing surface must also be on the same plane in order to achieve the marking of one-time molding,and the surface marking cannot be completed.At the same time, traditional 2D marking has inherent flaws in the deep carving of the object surface.With the upward shift of the laser focus during the engraving process,the laser energy acting on the actual surface of the object will drastically decrease,which seriously affects the deep carving effect and efficiency.

3D laser marking machine has improved the technical application range for laser marking processing and expanded the demand for surface marking.Some domestic leading laser companies have developed their own 3D laser marking machines.To create a first-class 3D laser marking machine,this device features high and low drop 150 mm processing,can complete the processing of 3D relief metal and non-metal products,in addition,can be used for a wide range of surface processing, can be configured 1200*1200 mm The work surface, therefore, the Raymond 3D surface laser marking machine can accurately and efficiently mark on a variety of complex surface parts,suitable for plastic,pig iron,stainless steel, aluminum-magnesium alloy,aluminum oxide,copper,nickel and other materials Processing is the "marking master"of three-dimensional work pieces such as lamps,molds,3 C electronics,automotive parts,electronic accessories,and craft gifts.

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