9 Safety Tips To Follow In The Chemistry Laboratory

Chemistry Lab reports are a must for students of Science. Irrespective of the experiment being performed by a 12th grader or a master’s degree student, lab report writing is vital. But, have you ever wondered about the safety measures that you must take while performing an experiment? Read the blog to find out.
Given below are the nine safety tips to follow while in Chemistry lab:
1. Know the chemicals – Make sure that you are familiar with the chemicals before performing the experiment. Follow the safety information given to you by your lab teacher or lab attendant. You can even refer to the safety guidelines mentioned in the lab manuals.
2. Wear safety gears– Always wear safety gears while in the chemistry lab. Do not forget to wear safety glasses, face shield, and lab coat. Make sure that your footwear completely covers your foot and heel. Avoid sandals, ballet flats or any open-toed footwear. Wear long pants instead of skirts or shorts. These gears will protect you from harmful emissions like gases or flames.
3. Keep the workplace tidy – Always keep your workstation and common work areas clean. It will help you to stay organised. Make sure that you clean all the apparatus, tools, and glassware before leaving the laboratory. Ensure that the aisles, eyewash stations, safety showers and doorways are not obstructed.
4. Clean the spills immediately – Always dispose of the waste properly. Make sure you follow the instructions provided in your lab manual. If you spill liquids, clean the spills immediately. Inform your teacher if the spill is large or consists of hazardous material. Keep spill mix handy. It will help to absorb solvent or caustic liquids.
5. Wash your hands after the experiment – Do not forget to wash your hands before you leave the lab. Washing hands properly after the completion of the experiment will help you stay safe from harmful chemicals. Use antiseptic soaps and liquids to wash your hands.
6. Do not taste chemicals – Almost every chemical is poisonous or harmful for our body. Therefore, do not taste them. Make sure you do not swallow chemicals while pipetting. Never inhale the chemicals directly. If you are required to smell the chemical while conducting the experiment, do so by fanning the vapours to your nose. You can even use fume hoods.
7. Handle the chemicals carefully – It is important to be extremely careful while handling chemicals. Be cautious while you transfer liquid from one container to other. Distil or reflux the volatile compounds slowly and with utmost care. Do not return used chemicals to the stock container. Make sure you do not heat the chemicals in front of your face.
8. Handle the apparatus carefully – Another safety tip is handling the apparatus carefully. Never heat any closed apparatus- it may act like a bomb. Make sure you never pour water directly into the acid. It may blast or catch flame. Mixing water with acid is exothermic. It is better to pour the acid slowly into the water and stir it constantly. Operate the gas cylinders under supervision.
9. Stay away from the distractions – Distractions can cause harm while you are experimenting. Therefore, make sure that you stay away from distractions while in the chemistry lab. Do not indulge in lab report writing while experimenting. It may act as a distraction. Do not talk to your friends in between your experiments. Do not wear earphones or ear buds while experimenting.

Chemistry labs contain certain inherent hazards and dangers. As a chemistry student working in the lab, you must learn how to work safely in order to prevent injury to yourself and others around you. Therefore, try to avoid possible mistakes that students are prone to while conducting their experiments.

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