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Posted by Nikki Harriue on May 28, 2020 at 11:40pm 0 Comments

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Posted by Debra on May 28, 2020 at 11:40pm 0 Comments

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Single 18650 battery - Vinci X

Posted by voopoo on May 28, 2020 at 11:40pm 0 Comments

This time the Vinci X is really stepping up with a removable battery and a lot higher output!

So instead of an internal battery the Vinci X uses a single 18650 battery (not included).

The output has increased to a maximum of 70W and you have full variable wattage control via the 0.96in colour screen.

Inside controlling the device is the GENE.AI chipset, which features all the… Continue

A Novel Approach to Writing a Business Plan

If you consider planning to be a waste of time and take yourself “a man of action” rather than “a man of words’, you are likely to fail in anything that you are going to do. A well planned venture is easier to execute. Planning makes your journey smoother towards your destination.

Every organization has some goals and objectives. No business can expand without setting some goals. Planning helps you achieve those objectives that you look for. It brings clarity in the vision and helps you move forward in the right direction. A well-made plan helps the top members of an organization to make decisions and take steps that are necessary to maximize the resources and generate more profit. Also, it helps you manage time and allocate funds to certain departments at every level of the organization.

No doubt, planning is the foremost and essential quality that leads you towards a meaningful future. But how can you write a business plan in a correct way that can perform all the above mentioned functions. Today, we are going to discuss how you can make a plan with a novel approach to achieve your goals and inspire your employees to take your company to the heights of success.

Tips to Write a Business Plan:

There are a number of ways you can start your business plans and no one way is the correct one. It all depends on your industry and the kind of business you are engaged in. however, a few tips can be helpful while writing and approaching your business guide.

More than one Versions:

One mistakes almost all the small business owner and some of the big business owners make while writing a plan is not to address the specific audience in a specific way. It is always helpful to know your audience first so that you can know how you will be able to inspire them with your plan. Tailoring more than one plans for various people enables them to get familiar with your plan easily as it will be just in accordance with what they can understand.


There is no point to sticking to a plan if it is not working. You must have set a few goals to achieve while thinking about the future of your business. If you keep sticking to the old plan even after getting fail, your valuable time, money and energy is being wasted. You always need constant reviews, editing and improvisation if the desired results are not being achieved.

Being Realistic:

This is a point that is going to keep your employees interested and yourself motivated for the work. Setting the goals that can never be achieved is not a virtue. It rather creates anxiety and depression as you are not getting what you planned for. And even if you realize that it is only a plan and doesn’t need to be achieved completely in the beginning, there is always a hope inside yourself that asks you constantly to get it. And a failure is always disappointing, not only for you but for the employees as well.

A Guide to your Business Plan:

Here is a complete guide to write your novel business plan:

Executive Summary:

An executive summary is the most important part of your business plan. It contains the title page and describes the basis of your business. All the key parts and division of your organization should be mentioned in this part.

It contains a synopsis of your business, its major achievements and financial features. Your company’s current position including its principles, sales projection plus capital needed etc. are mentioned clearly.

Business Descriptions:

As the name suggests, the section contains a brief description of your business and its related industry along with how your organization fits in within the field. If your business needs funding from outer sources, you need to show your reliable sources and let the funding agencies know why you deserve this money and how you are able to make profit out of it.

A brief analysis of your industry and your sources follows your structural description. Here you need to write about the nature of your business whether it is a B2B or B2C business. How you are going to sell your product and how it is divided into various parts. Include a brief overview of your company’s legal structure and the laws and principles set for the conduct.

Marketing Strategies:

Marketing is the backbone of business. No matter, what industry you are related to, a good marketing strategy can boost your business greatly. Ample research is recommended before writing this section. Because you have to get familiar with the target audience. Once you know your audience, you can plan your market strategy and define it in this section.

A brief analysis of your market in terms of its traditions, size, structure, potential and prospects according to the position of your company is essential. Explain whether you are a premium company or a price competitive organization. You promotion strategy and tactics should be clearly stated so that your employees and other concerned people can understand and work accordingly.

Competitive Analysis:

Competitive analysis is the comparison of your own business with other companies currently working in the market. You need to show an overview of the whole market including its strengths that can be used and weaknesses that can be exploited in order to develop your organization and stand out among other companies.

Design and Development:

This section is for the companies who have a product in development such as an app or any utility goods. This section should serve the purpose of informing the investors about each and everything related to the product. Give details about the design and production of your commodity with the help of charts. Always give it within the context of marketing strategy and make it clear how the development of your product(s) will enable the company reach its goals.

Operations and Management:

This section is used to explain the daily functions of business and how they are going to be managed. For example, the location, employees, processes, equipment and environment. Your workforce is also described in this part and if you have a product to manufacture, explain how and where the manufacturing is going to be processed.

The work facilities and legal environment are also highlighted along with the logistics of the company. Explain how you are going to assign responsibilities to your team members and how various operations are going to be divided within the company. This information further explains the hierarchy of your organization.

Financial factors:

The ultimate purpose of every business is to get profit. Therefore, finance is the main concern for every investor. This section includes your personal financial statement, cash flow statement and a break even analysis. You need to make various calculations and analyze the data to see at what point your business will come to break even position.

Revise and Edit:

Once you have written your business plan, it is imperative to review it several times and edit to get perfection. Every time you go through your plan, you will see mistakes that should be corrected. The proper formatting and proofreading is also essential to create an impact on the investors. You can hire Proofreading Services to get your document edited and proofread and finally you will get the best of your business plan.

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