After the equalization of the Kings morale Sheng

After the equalization of NHL Coins the Kings morale Sheng, in the second quarter they occupy a clear initiative, the second section of the number of shots they once dominated the overwhelming advantage of 16-4, the team overwhelming attack on the jet team pressure breathless , And finally in the first 17 minutes, the Kings again take advantage of more play less opportunities to go-ahead score, but also the team's second-strongest group to open the situation, teenager Amador in the floor area to move the offensive, he gave the ball to Martin Sri Lanka, the latter cross-pass to partner Dion - Feinoff, the latter does not stop the ball after a direct shot, the ball hit the top left corner of the net, 2-1, which is also joined the King of Feyenofu 4 games scored The third ball.

However, the jets launched a wave of attacks in this section 1 minute left, the team's forward formed a nearly 1 minute onslaught on the Kings door, Taylor - Miles off the blue line to grab the Pearson After the crossbar powerful defender Dustin - Ba Felun, which hit the ball after a long shot, Quimper's attention was blocked, failed to seal the ball, 2-2.

The sixth section of the third quarter, the formation of an attack on the Kings, the jet failed to rescue the ball, the king's defender Jack - Morten hit a ball near the Blue Line shot long shot, Hellebay made a save, but Campest get After the rebound ball fill shot, the ball was blocked again, followed by the three sets of center Tori - Mitchell misses the ball poke into the ball, 3-2.

The first 16 minutes, the Kings team to play more advantage of playing less then another city, captain Anze - Corital in the right wall near the offensive action, he handed the ball to teammate near the floor Taylor - Who swept the ball in front of him and followed up with Dustin Brown to get the ball in close proximity, 4-2, the first goal Brown scored in 18 games.

Although the last moment, the Finnish teenager Patrick - Lenny use more play less opportunities to regain a goal, but it was too late, and ultimately by virtue of the striker together to play, the Kings missed a goal in the first 4-4 Beat the jet opportunity, the Kings also won three straight, points beyond the wild team, rose to the second outside the card area.

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