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Analysis of the applications of fiber Laser marking machine

Fiber lasers are gradually replacing traditional lasers, and they are leading in laser marking, laser welding and laser cutting. Raymond explained to everyone the advantages of fiber lasers in various fields.

Application of fiber laser marking machine.
Industrial production requires high reliability, small size, quietness and easy operation. Fiber lasers are favored because of their compact structure, high light transmission compliance, short warm-up time, little impact on conditions, maintenance-free, and easy coupling with optical fibers or light guide systems composed of optical lenses. Fiber lasers are gradually replacing traditional lasers, and are leading in laser marking, laser welding and laser cutting. In the field of marking, due to the high beam quality and positioning accuracy of fiber lasers, fiber marking systems are replacing Nd: YAG pulsed laser marking systems that are not driven by CO2 lasers and lamps. In the Thai and Japanese markets, this substitution is taking place on a large scale. In Japan alone, monthly demand exceeds 100 units. According to IPG, BMW Motors previously purchased high-power fiber lasers for door welding lines

Application of fiber laser in sensing
Compared with other light sources, fiber lasers have many advantages as sensor light sources. First, fiber lasers have excellent performances such as high utilization, good tunability, good stability, compact, compact, light weight, easy maintenance, and good beam quality. Second, the fiber laser is well coupled with the fiber, is fully compatible with existing fiber optic equipment, and can be tested for all fibers. Today, fiber sensing based on tunable narrow linewidth fiber lasers is one of the hottest applications in the field. The fiber laser has a very narrow spectral width and a long rod system, which can quickly modulate the frequency. This narrow line-width fiber laser to diffusion sensing system can achieve ultra-high-precision fiber sensing. In the United States and Europe, this tunable narrow linewidth fiber laser-based sensing technology is widely used. There are also more than 100 such example fiber lasers.

Application of fiber laser in communication
Compared with other types of lasers, fiber lasers have obvious advantages in terms of compact layout, heat dissipation, beam quality, volume, and compatibility with existing systems, and have been widely used in the field of communications. A mode-locked fiber laser doped with a rare-earth-doped fiber as a gain medium can generate ultra-short pulses with high repetition rates and pulse widths of the order of picoseconds or femtoseconds, and its emission wavelength falls again into the optimal window for fiber communication at 1.55 μm In the frequency band, it is an ideal light source for future high-speed optical communication systems. Now, 10GHz and 40 GHz repetitive frequency mode-locked fiber lasers have been developed. Once this communication network is designed, this example laser will be huge.

Application of fiber laser in treatment
Today, most lasers used for clinical purposes are argon ion lasers, carbon dioxide lasers, and YAG lasers. However, they usually have low beam quality, have a very large volume, require huge water cooling systems, and are difficult to install and maintain. These are all complementary fiber lasers. Because water molecules have absorption peaks at 2 μm, using a 2 μm fiber laser as a surgical object can achieve rapid hemostasis and avoid injury to the human body caused by surgery.

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