AOL mail support if your AOL mail Account has been hacked

AOL has given the best security to the users and has made sure that the users get protected environment to communicate with the officials and their relatives via e-mails. But despite having strong protections one cannot ignore the viruses and spam message which can really affect the emails. It also affects the sending/receiving of the emails. But what to do when your email account has been hacked? How would you get to know that your email account has been hacked moreover if you know then what you can do to secure your email id? Also, there are various customers who see that suddenly there sent box is empty or there are many emails that have been sent using their email id but they do not have any idea about it. These things indicate that your account has been hacked and you need to take immediate actions to protect it. So if you also find yourself in the similar situation and you are not able to protect your hacked account in such cases you should take AOL mail customer support from the expert’s team to solve this issue without any problem and if users want to do it manually then they can follow the troubleshooting steps provided below.

Symptoms that your account has been hacked!
There are many mailer-daemon rejection notifications of the emails which you do not recognize.
Your email contact list is getting emails which you haven’t sent.
The sent mail section is suddenly emptied.
The contacts have been deleted in your email.
You are having sign-in problems even when you have entered the correct password.
Even when you are signed in you are shown offline.
The display name of your id has been changed or looks odd.
You are having difficulty in sending/receiving emails.
Steps you can take to protect your account if your id has been hacked
Firstly, if you are able to login to your id then immediately change your password and sign out from all the devices.
Go to the “account security page” and enter the old password and then enter the new password.
Also make sure that your new password is at least 6 characters long, which include one number, an upper case or lower case letter and also special characters.
Also, make sure that you are scanning your email through the latest antivirus to make sure no malware or spam has entered your email via the system.
Go to the “away messages” in your “AOL mail settings” to make sure no one has inserted spam.
If you are not able to sign in to your account it means that AOL has recognized some phishing activity on your email and has put a temporary hold on the account.
To again gain the access you have to change the password.
If you face any difficulty while recovering your id from the temporary hold then take AOL mail support from experts.

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