Atlantis Arrives in Fortnite With New Coral Castle

Fortnite gamers can finally dive into the leaked Atlantis-esque site and do some long exploration in the new area. The following new map “Fortnite: Battle Royale Apollo” was revealed in Fortnite on August 1st. This leak suggested that the Atlantean metropolis was hiding beneath the waves of the whirlpool. Players believe that it is the home of “Aquaman” whose skin was recently added in the game. The players highly appreciated the skin of Aquaman.

Atlantis Arrives in Fortnite With New Coral Castle

In June, dataminers worked hard and revealed some cool information regarding the kingdom. While digging deep for the information, they saw some content that could be revealed in the future. They found an empty massive site- underwater canyon that was hidden beneath a whirlpool.

The Justice League hero Aquaman doesn’t have any home in the game, but Fortnite has started to drop some spotlight on “TheRuins.” This location could be the home of Aquaman in the future. However, from the recent update of Fortnite, it’s clear they are working on some new content. Fortnite players have already discovered the watery kingdom on the map that looks the same as Atlantis, but its name in the game is “Coral Castle.”

Coral Castle is an open area that doesn’t need any help from data mining. You can locate this area on the north of the “Sweaty Sands” and the west of “Pleasant Park.” In the past, there were plenty of secrets and challenges. Almost every player has visited this location because they usually get challenges from there.

Apart from the design of Coral Castle, there are many more upgrades that have been done. The new update includes the return of the “Slurpy Swamp,” and new crashed spaceship at the “Craggy Cliffs.” The Craggy Cliffs come with its own task that needs to be completed.

The new update of Fortnite is really great. Developers have brought some cool challenges and amazing rewards. Fortnite has been adding popular hero skins for a long time. Players really love this type of content in the game because it improves the competition in the game. New skins come with new challenges and huge rewards. Some skins get released for a limited time, and some are permanent. The hero skins like Aquaman are permanent, and that is why Fortnite is adding more great content related to that particular character.

Fortnite With New Coral Castle

This year’s update of Fortnite was completely awesome. Players earned some huge rewards and got to experience live concerts, new challenges, and new areas on the map. The information shows that Fortnite will add many more hero skins in the game.

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Source: Atlantis Arrives in Fortnite With New Coral Castle

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