Great beading patterns help you to take your hand made jewelry designs to the next level. When you first start out with beading or perhaps you purchase a beading kit for your child, patterns don't matter too much. You may be working with two or three colors and stringing them onto necklaces or bracelets in a very simple fashion name and birthstone necklace. It is when you get more into beading and want to create more advanced projects that the need to create or purchase patterns arises.
A single-thread necklace using a few different beads is easy to create without a pattern, but when you are dealing with a necklace that circles the neck three times and has a different pattern on each level the project will be much easier if you have the pattern on paper. When you move beyond cheap custom name necklace jewelry to creating beaded purses, hair accessories, clothing, hats, and other items, patterns become essential.
When you work from a pattern you reduce your chances of making mistakes and wasting time redoing things. You can also tell if an idea is going to look right when it is actually completed or not. If colors don't work together or there is a problem with the pattern you will see it when putting your pattern on paper, rather than after hours of working on the beading.
Beading becomes more enjoyable solid gold name necklace[click] and much faster when you work off of a pattern, so the choice is whether you want to create your own beading patterns or purchase them. If you have a lot of your own ideas of things you want to create with beads you may be able to jump right into creating your own patterns where someone else may need to use someone else's patterns until they get their own creative ideas going.

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