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Diltiazem 30Mg Comprar En Farmacia En Linea Segura USA

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Diltiazem 30Mg Comprar En Farmacia En Linea Segura USA

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Customize Supply Black Watch Dial

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Call of Duty: Warzone: How to Open Locked Doors in the Stadium

Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone has opened the doors of “Stadiums,” and there are lots of things to explore. When you shoot near the field or the stands, you will see some locked doors of the stadium. To open the stadium doors, you need to find specific keycards. There are three keycards available with codes EL21, CL19, and P216. These keycards are new in the game, and that’s why most of the players don’t know about them.

In the previous season, players used the keycards to open the bunkers. The main objective of those bunkers is to provide great loot. Those bunkers were available in some special areas, but the stadium is a different thing. So here is a guide to open the doors of the stadium.

Call of Duty: Warzone: How to Open Locked Doors in the Stadium

Locate the Keycards

Keycards randomly show up in the map of Warzone, similar to loot. Around the map, you can find the loot box, but they often appear inside the stadium. To access the doors of the stadium, you should look into the stadium. If you are finding the keycards in the stadium, you need to see it before the circle of the map begins to shrink.

Use the Keycards

If you find the EL21 keycard, it will appear on the bottom right side of the display and then go to the top floor of the stadium. The EL of the keycard is a code; perhaps this could be for the “Executive Level” doors. In this situation, just move to the Southeast section of the floor and follow the hallway and reach to the door with a keycard reader. Players can easily go there, and once they get there, huge loot will be available.

The CL19 keycard will lead you to the stands. Now the CL code of the keycard can be related to “Clubman Level” doors. This door exists at the end of the bar’s corner. You need to be careful in this area because you can find your enemies here as well.

P216 is the last keycard, where P is representing “Parking.” Move to the garage and make your way to the Northwest side of the lowest floor. In the room, you can hear the sound of loot, so be aware of the other players who are finding it too.

The Final Door

There is one final door also available in a stadium that has no keycard. Players have to find this door to open. You can find this door on the east side of the top floor of the stadium. Unlike other doors, this specific door has a particular code for unlocking. Every keycard room has a computer with some codes, and those codes will lead you to unlock the final door.

Conclusion – It is really impressive that Call of Duty: Warzone has launched the stadium in the game. In Season 4, bunkers were in the spotlight, and now the stadium is the new content for the players. Indeed, players put extra efforts to unlock the stadium doors but the loot rewards are massive.

SOURCE:- Call of Duty: Warzone: How to Open Locked Doors in the Stadium

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