China Rail responsible for all high-tech equipment

In addition, there will be national survey agency in Thailand this month to conduct a feasibility study of railway line construction, research results will be announced in May this year. Therefore, the Chinese Ministry of Communications and Thailand railway agency will be established Office for the Coordination of project preparation work and budget follow-up.

China Railway, told reporters that at present China Railway Corporation has appointed Huang Min, deputy general manager in charge of high-speed rail project going, which this year has a number of joint infrastructure and related manufacturing enterprises coordination meetings. All the way around along with 28 national exchanges and communication. The source said that at present China's fastest high-speed rail to go out the progress of Russia's "Moscow - Kazan" high-speed rail, followed by Thailand railway projects, new high-speed rail is also horse operation.

According to insiders Chinese rail transportation equipment companies said, "Moscow - Kazan" high-speed rail vehicle project specific follow up by the China Northern Locomotive, Thailand railway vehicle project by the China South Locomotive up.

Sino-Thai railway cooperation projects hard to come by, in October 2013 after the two prime ministers signed a memorandum of Thailand's political turmoil, cooperation was once overshadowed. Until December 19, 2014, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Thai Prime Minister Pakistan Fertility signed two memoranda, one year after the Sino-Thai railway cooperation reopen. From the memorandum signed last year, the Sino-Thai railway speed downgrade, the maximum speed from 200 km in 2013 proposed to reduce the more than 160 kilometers per hour, so that the railway is not in the strict sense of the high-speed rail.

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