According to the structure and materials of wood flooring to points, they can be grouped into five categories. The first solid wood flooring solid wood flooring is made of natural materials - wood, processing of machinery and equipment, the characteristics of the floor is to maintain the natural materials - wood properties. Solid wood flooring are common flat floors, tongue and groove flooring, refers to the floor, integration refers to the floor. The second category parquet wood flooring is a generic term, in fact, it can be divided into multi-layer parquet, three-layer parquet. Features such floor: good dimensional stability.

The third category of laminate flooring, laminate flooring scientific name Laminate flooring. It is also the three-tier structure: the surface is wear-resistant material containing melamine resin impregnated decorative paper, the core of the high-density fiberboard or particleboard, the bottom of the balance sheet impregnated with phenolic resin. Features such floor, good wear resistance and dimensional stability of bamboo flooring 1. The fourth category bamboo flooring. Although the material is not wood, but wood floors go in the ranks. Bamboo is characterized by wearable, specific gravity greater than traditional wood, through pest control, anti-corrosion treatment processing, bleaching and carbide two kinds of color

Bamboo flooring. Such floors are bamboo surface and the bottom, in the middle of soft wood, usually spruce, class structure not easily deformed fifth floor cork flooring cork flooring is actually not processed into wood floor, but with bolt oak tree bark as raw material, crushing, pressing at the plate, and then through the floor into the processing machinery and equipment. This sheet shape is similar to the soft planks, so people mistakenly referred to as "softwood" has been continued to the present, so it has also called cork flooring the floor. Its characteristics are light, soft, foot feeling good.

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