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A47U97F15 - [Valarie Fields] - Baton Rouge, LA 70837

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F13F33A65 - [Marva Hogan] - Grapevine, TX 76051

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V34G56L80 - [Raul Vargas] - Scottville, MI 49454

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Cone crusher in modern production is a kind of crushing equipment is common, in the actual application is mainly used for material crushing, and meet the requirements of the production. But cone crusher operation principle, users will be referred to the crushing efficiency is low cone crusher, do not know how to improve production efficiency.

In fact, the crushing efficiency is low for a variety of reasons, then the cone crusher crushing efficiency improvement should start from what? There are many ways to improve cone crusher crushing efficiency, one is the selection of thick sieving method. In the process of continuous work of the cone crusher, the material from the top to bottom thickness will continue to thin, it will make the screen surface appears close to send imbalance caused the phenomenon of uneven feed.

In this case in the production time can choose equithickness crushing method, choose different inclination of sieve surface, so that the materials have different speed in the section, enhance the production efficiency of cone crusher. In order to improve the overall efficiency of crushing, can also increase the overall area of crushing.

A lot of practice has proved that the amount of material per unit area on the less efficiency of the crushing will become higher and higher. Cone crusher during the crushing time, sieve do is grading work, so we must ensure that adequate crushing area in the crushing time, also can be extended to the screen surface, according to production needs the appropriate growth of cone crusher screen surface ratio, improve the crushing efficiency.

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