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How to Improve the Tooth Plate Abrasion of Jaw Crusher?

Posted by liu yoyo on January 20, 2019 at 8:43pm 0 Comments

Tooth plate of Portable Crusher Manufacturers In Ghana , also called lining board, is a component which contacts ores directly. Although it has a simple structure, it has influence on productivity, energy consumption ratio, products granularity and crushing force, especially the last three influences will give big impact force to tooth plate.

We know that the mining equipment has a certain service life, and jaw crusher is not an exception. After a…


How to reduce the damage of the sander accessories?

Posted by xuanxuan geng on January 20, 2019 at 8:43pm 0 Comments

If the sand making machine is used for a long time, there will be equipment damage. This is no doubt, especially since it is a long-term operation in the open air environment, so the damage of the accessories is more serious. The consequence is that it will affect the life of the sand making machine. How to reduce the damage of the accessories of the sand making machine, let me tell you…


Control Placement Of Scale Inhibitors In The Formation

Control Placement Of Scale Inhibitors In The Formation

Diethylenetriaminepentatakis (methylene phosphonic acid) (DTPMP) is commonly used in oilfield for scale inhibition. In this study, Ca-DTPMP submicron-sized particles were prepared directly by chemical precipitation with the assistance of phosphino-polycarboxylic acid (PPCA). The influences of adsorbed PPCA, KC1 concentration and sonication on the transport and deposition kinetics of Ca-DTPMP particle suspensions in calcite and sandstone matrix were investigated. Adsorption of PPCA to Ca-DTPMP particles increases their negative surface charge and decreases particles deposition in a porous media. diethylenetriamine penta methylene phosphonic acid The mobility of PPCA-coated Ca-DTPMP particles decreases with increasing KC1 concentrations. Using sonication treatments the mobility of Ca-DTPMP particles at high KC1 concentration in porous media increased significantly. The retention and long term flow back performance of Ca-DTPMP particles were tested in Frio sandstone columns after 18 hours shut-in time to allow deposition. The results show that enhanced retention of Ca-DTPMP particles and slow dissolution of DTPMP are highly advantageous in slowing the phosphonate release from porous media, and ensuring successful inhibitor treatments in oil fields.

Control Placement Of Scale Inhibitors In The Formation With Stable Ca-DTPMP Nanoparticle Suspension And Its Transport In Porous Medium | Request PDF. Available from:

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