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Different ways to access iCloud Photos on Window PC

Access iCloud Photos On window PC

Different Ways To Access iCloud Photos On window PC

Apple iCloud is a free synchronization feature that enables you to synchronize content across your entire Apple device. For instance, you can instantly view the picture on your Mac when you capture a picture on your iPhone. Now one of the most frequently asked questions about using iCloud and iCloud Photo Library is how to download pictures from iCloud once deposited there. This is a disappointingly easy issue, and we will set aside any of the complexities of Access iCloud Photos on window PC, iPhone and iPad Photos app,Instead, we'll demonstrate you the most straightforward way to download an image from iCloud to your desktop, as that's what individuals generally want to do.

Steps To Download Photos From iCloud To Mac OS

Open a web browser, go to and use your Apple ID to log in as usual.
After logging into the iCloud website, click on the "Photos" icon.
Click to select an image you want to send and select different pictures to maintain the SHIFT key down when you click icloud pictures on your PC.6
Look for a little download key in the bottom right corner of the web phone window when the picture is displayed, it looks like a tree with a down button – press it to send the picture to the desktop from iCloud.
Repeat for other pictures you want to buy from iCloud as required And you have it.
Check where your web browser defaults to download photos and where you will find your photos (or images) in their original resolution, this is typically a download folder for customers.

Download All Photos From iCloud To Mac or PC

Now we will discuss how you can access photos from iCloud to Mac or PC

Go to and login to "Photos" as usual.
Scroll down the All Photos album and click the "Select All Photos" button at the top of the iCloud Photos bar
Hold down the Shift key and click the very last picture of the album, this should select every picture from the All Photos album as shown in the iCloud Photos bar "WXYZ products selected"
Now select the yellow "Download" important at the bottom of the iCloud Photos bar with all iCloud Photos images selected.
Confirm you want to download all selected photos (this can be hundreds or thousands) and click "Download"

How to access photos from iCloud on PC and Mac through

The way to Access iCloud Photos On window PC and iCloud pictures viewed on Mac via are the same as the way iCloud PC accesses. See below for particular instructions.

Open your PC's browser or Mac's Safari and go to
Sign in with the username and password of your Apple ID. Then you'll get to iCloud backup's primary interface.
Now, press "Photos" > select "All Photos" and you can display your PC / Mac's iCloud pictures as the sample screenshot below.

Now let us discuss what to do if you fail to transfer photos from iphone to PC

Here are a few steps you can try if you are unable to transfer photos from iphone to PC:

You need to download the initial full-resolution versions of your pictures to your iPhone before you export them to your PC.
Select Download and Maintain Originals for the Photo App Settings of your iPhone
Check that iTunes has been installed on your desktop. Installing iTunes also installs the drivers required to acknowledge the hardware of your iPhone on your Windows PC (using Windows 7 and above).
In specific, switch to another USB port, attempt a USB 2.0 port instead of a USB 3.0/USB-C port
Verify that your iPhone, iPad or iPod is ON and UNLOCKED
Make sure you trust your iPhone's computer
If the device is not displayed, restart Windows, start File Explorer and see if your iPhone or iPad / iPod will appear
Try to connect the USB cable to a different USB port
Make sure that the USB cable you use to attach the device to your desktop is not loose – if applicable, push it further for a close attachment or use another cable
Turn on from File > iTunes home sharing

The iCloud Windows app enables you to synchronize pictures from your iPhone or Mac to your Windows PC. While you can do this with your iCloud website, frequently uploading or downloading pictures and other website content is a difficult job. You can do this readily with your Windows PC's app.

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