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In Meereen, Daenerys has to decide how to deal with the former masters after the death of Ser Barristan Selmy and the injuries inflicted on Grey Worm. She decides to round up the heads of the 13 richest families in the city and introduce them to her dragons. Jorah Mormont and Tyrion Lannister approach the ancient city of Valyria and, after witnessing something quite incredible, they are set upon by the Stone Men, and Mormont does not escape unscathed. Sansa finally sees what has become of Theon, courtesy of Ramsay Bolton's jealous mistress. Ramsay is particularly cruel to Theon at a dinner, much to Roose Bolton's displeasure. At Castle Black, Jon Snow tries to convince Tormund Giantsbane to move his people south of the Wall and settle in lands that will be made available to them. Most of the men of the Watch object to the plan.
In Meereen, Grey Worm is wounded and Barristan is dead. Daenerys decides to arrest the leaders of the wealthy families and feeds one of them to her dragons. Jon Snow proposes a deal to Tormund to move the wildlings south of the Wall and join forces with the Night's Watch, and a great number of his men do not accept the truce. Stannis and his army head to the North to fight against the Boltons. Brienne sends a message to Sansa in case she is in danger, and Sansa is lured into reuniting with Theon. Daenerys reviews her position and decides to open the arenas again to placate the insurgent Meereenese. Mormont and Tyrion catch sight of a dragon, and then encounter the Stone Men in the ruins of Old Valyria. Forced to fight, they lose their boat and Mormont suffers an injury.
More of a story building episode focused mainly on the happenings in the north and Essos.

In Mereen : Barristan Selmy is dead and Grey worm in seriously injured (10 minutes of cliché romance with Melissanda). Danerys council has grown small prompting her to capture leaders of the wise masters and using some scary dragon eating torture techniques. Advised by Melisande, she decides to go for a more political route choosing to betroth Hizdar and opening the fighting pits. All in all things are not really looking up for Danerys as she feels increasingly alone and has started to show signs of a true Targaryan

At the wall:Two important decisions taken. Stannis decides to move towards Winterfell and Jon is going with Tormund to bring the wild-lings south of the wall and protect them from the white walkers. Some side story aside on dragon glass and Sam. Occupies major part and the tag line of the episode

At Winterfell: Ramsay is already starting his mental games with Sansa as he introduces Theon as reek and asks him to give the bride on their wedding. Roose Bolton announces the pregnancy of Walda Frey and which in turn leads to my favorite scene in the episode. As Ramsay discusses his future with Roose Bolton in lieu of this, Roose tells him about his mother who he raped on her wedding night beneath the hanging corpse of her husband. In the end, he saved Ramsay because he was his son. The dialog is delivered with amazing effect and enforces Roose Bolton as another of those awesome Grey characters like Tywin & Stannis.

Tyrion: Jorah and Tyrion take a shortcut through the ruins of Valaryia and get attacked by stone men. Jorah get infected with grey-scale while saving Tyrion. This is the most eye catching part of the episode in terms of exploring a new location. The ancient ruins of Valaryia look fabulous and you can really feel yourself in the lost city. A brief sighting of Drogon adds flavor to this well shot scene making it one of the best scenic shots in the entire season so far.

The episode is worth watching mainly for the machinations of Roose Bolton and catching a glimpse of Valayria

Cheers The first scene begins with Maester Aemon having Sam read about Danaerys' activities and he regrets not being there for her and instead being at the Wall. Jon comes in and seeks his counsel regarding the treaty with the wildlings, to which Aemon advises him to "kill the boy and let the man be born" - Jon should stand by his decisions and do what needs to be done. We see the Night's Watch strongly disagreeing with Jon's proposed actions. He makes a deal with Tormund, freeing him and agreeing to personally help settle the wildlings at Hardhorne in the North. In Meereen, Ser Barristan is dead after fighting the sneaky golden masks (The Sons of the Harpy). In the books he is shown to be alive and defending Meereen at the end of A Dance with Dragons (Book 5). Killing him was a risky move but is quite realistic, as even though an exceptional fighter, being old and wearing no armor and fighting guerrilla soldiers during an ambush the chances of survival are dim. However Grey Worm survives though heavily wounded. Danaerys makes a decision to have the heads of the noble families burned alive and eaten by her two dragons. This is quite confusing as the previous episode showed Barristan advising her to not become her father, the Mad King. Then she agrees to open the fighting pits and marry Hizadahr Loraq. In the books she keeps hostages from the noble families and only marries Hizadahr after he fulfills his 90 days promise of peace in Meereen. The episodes 4 and 5's pacing is really fast but quite inconsistent. in Winterfell Brienne and Podrick stay at an inn and recruit a man serving to the Boltons to help Sansa. Speaking of Sansa, the episode was pleasantly surprising in a good way. She is looking at the broken tower where her brother fell down and became a wolf boy when Myranda, Ramsay's lover urges her to explore the kennels for a surprise. She truly is, as she sees Theon scared and broken as Reek. At the dinner table with the Boltons, Ramsay reveals his true nature and tries to torture Sansa mentally like Joffrey by making Theon/Reek apologize to her for killing her brothers and declares Theon/Reek as her best man during their upcoming wedding as he is her foster brother. Sansa and Roose see through his bullshit and he and Fat Walda declare that a legitimate Bolton junior is arriving, pissing off Ramsay. Ramsay is angry at his father for this, but Roose knows how to handle his bastard and assures him that he is his son and reveals to him the truth about his birth, and convinces him to be ready and fight Stannis, who finally leaves the Wall with his family, Ser Davos, Melisandre and his army to fight at Winterfell. That aside, Jorah and Tyrion travel through Valyria, the Targaryen ancestral nation which is in ruins. Tryion and Jorah recite poetry and their pairing looks great (like Bronn and Tyrion with Jorah as the more serious and honorable version of Bronn). They witness a dragon flying (was it Drogon?) and are attacked by Stone men, the crazy greyscale infected who reside in the ruins of Valyria and Tyrion jumps in the water to avoid being touched and infected by them. We see him alive later with Jorah all soaking wet having rescued him but become infected himself (in the books it is Jon Connington who was Rhaegar's bestie who rescues Tyrion and is starting to become a stone man). Poor Jorah; from Lord Friendzone to Lord Stone Man...

To recap:

+ "Kill the Boy" speech by Maester Aemon. + The rise of the Northern Bastards: Jon Snow's treaty with Tormund and Ramsay now preparing for a fight with Stannis. + Dark Sansa who stands to Ramsay and his family. + Brienne still determined to protect Sansa. + Grey Worm and Melisandre's romance. + Jorah suffering from greyscale and its potential future impact.

  • RIP Ser Barristan the Bold. - Inconsistent Danaerys.


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