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Major telecom companies

Posted by krish on April 7, 2020 at 11:30am 0 Comments

Telecom companies need to stay serious in their conventional contributions by rethinking center systems administration layers and including new system get to, for example, 5G/FTTX. Combining IT and system innovation through a useful working model will help right now.

These endeavors won't be effective if organizations don't construct their computerized, business and association the executives abilities. As they go past availability, they should rethink their brands, which will have…


How to Fix QuickBooks Error 15227? | +1-888-412-7852

Posted by Robert Mathew on April 7, 2020 at 11:19am 0 Comments

Users often come across QuickBooks error 15227 during new software installation or version up-gradation. This issue can be annoying...

Cheap Health Insurance Tests -- Pre-Existing Disorders In addition to Prescription drugs That can Bring you Dissmissed off!

Posted by PokerAB Online on April 7, 2020 at 11:14am 0 Comments

For anyone who is purchasing cheap medical care insurance you really should learn most of these new a look at tests prior to employ. Just about every medical care insurance corporation should have unique tips although quite a few abide by identical policies. The great thing you can apply is usually to receive fully well informed in relation to most of these tips, in particular the guidelines about pre-existing disorders in addition to medicines or maybe medicinal drugs.

Some people…


Resurge Review- Is This The Most Effective Weight Loss Formula?

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Resurge is a product synthesized in the United States, that aims at helping one lose weight during their deep sleep. This part of our daily cycle is the most neglected one, yet the most efficient one, in healing all the ailments and treating our body against all the adulteration.…



download mircplus

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A great preset for adding a warm glow to your wedding photos as well as a softer blue in the shadows.
GuavaJelly is a great option for outdoor photography. Make sure you don’t miss it out!
With this beautiful preset you can give your photos an amazing high contrast black and white conversion.
This preset can be used to add a bright, clear effect to your food photos and make their colors pop out.
Free High Contrast B&W.
These free lightroom presets are perfect for your portrait shots. Whether its enhancing the facial details, adjusting highlights or making your eyes look vibrant, this presets can turn your portrait images into amazing shots.
Matt Kloskowski’s Spotlight.
This preset recreates the old Lomo style with vignette effect, over saturation and light leaks.
Give your portrait a warm and a retro look using the Warm Retro Lightroom preset by Forrest Lane.
Free monochrome Lightroom Preset.
Yet another preset for converting your photos into black & white and giving it a classy appearance.
Give your images that grainy look with a tinge of matte effect.
Make your wedding photos clear and vivid by applying this preset. Highlight the hidden part of your photo by removing the black or too much shadow area.
Free Monochrome Presets.
Warm Vintage.
Another world.
Give your photos that dramatically matte, warm look with this preset.
Give your food photos an overexposed lomo feel to it with this Lightroom preset.
A perfect preset for baby portraits, giving it a soft, bright, B&W effect. This preset automatically applies a fade effect on the edges.
Make your wedding photographs look professional and give them a classy and refined look using Wedding Lightroom presets. Below we have provided a list of freely available wedding Lightroom presets.
Deeply Matte Color CreamWash.
20 Free Matte Effect Presets.
Transform your dull photos into life by using bold colors. This preset is used to pop out details from your photos.
Another preset for making your real-estate photos appear more bright, saturated and clear, at a single mouse click.
This preset will make your photos pop by fading the colors and then applying a slight vintage effect.
A set of presets for transforming your child’s photo into a clear, vivid and bright image.
Transform your photos into monochromatic B&W using this preset.
Detailed Matte.
Monochromatic Vol.2.
A free Lightroom preset that can be used to add some classic, vintage feel to your photographs.
Vintage City.
Give your colored landscape photos an awesome black and white HDR conversion, while maintaining its deep, beautiful blacks.
Five Free Wedding Presets.
Yet another freely available preset, to give your photos a beautiful faded look.
Sun Flare.
Vintage Vixen.
Elegant Wedding.
Cold Fact.
Free Food Preset.
Portrait Pro.
This free Lightroom presets for street and urban photography will add a grungy, high contrast look to your images.
Green Aperture.
Add a beautiful vintage look to your photos. A perfect preset for outdoor landscape photos.
Old Film in Latin America.
Yet another preset that is able to add silver linings effect to your photos, making it look amazing.
Aperture Preset.
Easily add a beautiful matte effect to your photos using this awesome preset by Shutter Pulse.
Cinnamon Girl.
Grain & Film.
Enhance the quality and look of your baby with this free, amazing newborn preset.
It is a collection of 8 presets, each one capable of providing stunning effects to your wedding photos at a few mouse clicks.
Sharp B&W.
Free Sharp Color Pop Preset.
Free Matte Lightroom Preset.
Coffee Shop Beauty Preset.
Free Vintage Film Preset.
If you love taking shots of cold, icy landscapes this preset is a must for you. This preset has a low clarity setting making bright objects glow a bit while enhancing the blues.
Dramatic Look.
This preset will help you filter your picture in a matter of seconds. You just need to make some clicks.
Weddings Look Preset.
This preset adds some sunlight in your photos and gives a dramatic warm look to it.
Legacy Pro 1600.
With this preset, applying stunning vintage effects to your photos takes just a simple click.
PH The Weddings.
Check out this amazing preset to make your picture stand out.
This preset is suitable for photos taken in low light conditions, especially at night.
This package of 50 presets is designed to give your real estate photography a bright, gradient, focused and color correct look.
Other Free Lightroom Presets.
Free Lightroom Polaroid Film Presets.
Orange Splash.
Free Portrait Photography Lightroom Preset.
It is a pack of 15 Lightroom presets suitable for a wide variety of shooting situations. From toning your image to fixing dark images, this preset has got it all.
This preset provides various effects like B&W, classic as well as mono color.
LSL B&W Matte.
Info & Download.
Free Vintage Mono Preset.
It is a set of 28 free presets that enables you to transform your dull, flat photos into something stunning.
Basic matte.
Soft newborn.
August Sunset Preset.
Give your photos that old Polaroid look using this free Light room preset.
Another amazing monochrome preset By Forrest Lane.
This preset is similar to basic matte but it uses a stronger matte effect.
This preset adds a retro-grunge look to photos, ideal for food photography.
Matte Preset by ShutterPulse.
Give your dull photos that vibrant and alive look with this preset and Make colors pop out of your images.
Trey’s Lightroom presets.
This is a brilliant option for those who are into still photography.
Lomo Preset.
Free Mediterranean Scenes Preset.
Another preset for giving your portrait that professional studio look, by muting your colors, adding grains and other effects. A perfect preset for printing your photos on paper or canvas to a frame.
Free Food Presets.
This versatile preset will work on a variety of images, creating an awesome matte look and feel.
This set of 20 matte effect presets is ideal to give your images a printed matte effect.
Black and White photography can give your photos that striking, timeless B&W look if done perfectly.
Sunny Days.
Vintage Scape.
This preset pack is used to add spotlight to a specific area and uses the Radial filter effect in Lightroom.
This preset can enhance the color, mood of your landscape photos. A great, warm preset for all your scenic photographs.
This preset provides a contrast-rich and desaturated look to your image.
Deeper Than Deep.
Food And Still Life.
It is a set of 2 Lightroom presets, designed for monuments and buildings. It adds a movie and happy sunset effect to your photos.
Free Landscape Presets.
Take your image enhancement capabilities to another level using this Light and Desaturated preset.
Silky Smooth Skin.
This set of 20 presets has a variety of presets suitable for a wide range of photos.
A collection of 10 presets for Portrait photographers. This preset gives your portraits a faded, old film style look of the past with just a single click.
This is another brilliant preset that you need to check out.
Another preset for food photography, that works great with food photos.
A free Lightroom preset that works best for Mediterranean scenes near beaches or oceans in sunlight.
ON1 Signature Collection Vol. 1.
Info & Download.
Free Cross Processing.
Christian Wolf’s Action.
Black and White OX.
LUC Besson is a nice preset to boost your picture quality instantly.
Give your photos that look of a single color with these freely available Monochrome presets.
Sweet Tea.
Make your food items look vivid and pop out their colors using this preset.
Lightroom Preset – Danville No.2.
Free Preset for Food Photography.
Free Portrait Presets.
Silver Surfer.
Autumn Landscape.
Yet another preset to give that old film look to your photos.
Cool B&W.
This is another super amazing preset that will give a stunning look to all your pictures.
Vintage Garden.
Enhance the photos of your babies and family members, make them look clear, light and soft using these free baby Lightroom presets.Ultra.
This free preset can give your photos that black and white look with a touch of blue.
Give your images an awesome monochromatic conversion with a nice vintage touch and an aged black and white effect using this preset.
This preset increases the contrast, brightness and vibrance, giving your wedding clicks that vintage look.
This Lightroom preset can make your fall photos pop, by giving it a boost of autumn colors. Works with Lightroom 4,5,6, and CC.
This is an amazing preset especially created for Landscape photographers which will add a nice realistic tone to your images while enhancing the colors and really making it pop.
Fuji Velvia.
DeSaturate Me.
Matte Color Cream.
Yet another amazing matte effect preset for Adobe Lightroom.
Ultra Color.
It is a collection of 18 presets that simulates different color print film emulations, creating stunning images.
Used with the appropriate picture, this preset can give some pretty dramatic effects to it.
This pack offers presets for black & white, desaturated, sky enhancers, vintage retro and various others to give your photos the perfect winter appearance.
Free Vintage Presets.
Inspired by vintage films this preset can give your photos an elegant vintage look. It adds a beautiful sepia tone effect to your photos.
This preset can be used to provide a gorgeous, dramatic effect on your wedding images, increasing their beauty to a large extent.
Autumn Vintage.
This preset will add a vintage matte effect at a single click.
Wedding Smiles.
A collection of 5 presets that wedding photographers can use to give their photos that extra edge and make them standout.

B&W Portraits Detailed Matte.
Rustic Vintage.
Free Wedding Presets.
Free Preset pack 2017.
This free preset will add a nice monochromatic look to your photographs.
Green Filter for Portraits.
This is a stunning free preset for Lightroom, designed especially for Portrait photography. It adds a gritty and realistic tone to your photos and sharpens it slightly to give an amazing effect.
Use this preset to apply a nice vintage effect to your photos, that is inspired by vintage films.
Single Color Split Toning Preset.
Enfuse for Real-estate photography.
Another free Lightroom preset that adds some custom warm vintage flair to your photos with a single click.
Transform your colored photos into black & white, with a strong sharp look with this free Lightroom preset.
Make your food look more saturated and delicious with a single click of this preset.
Enhance the look of your photos by applying 60 different presets included in this pack.
Give your photos a vintage, faded with time, matte effect with softened blacks.
A set of 3 presets, helping food photographers make their shots more yummy and vibrant.
It is a set of Lightroom presets well suited for landscape photography. Give your photos a stunning effect with this preset.
Color Pop.
This preset transforms your photos into black and white, giving it a monochrome effect.
This preset will brighten, enhance and apply a cool down effect to your photos making them a perfect wedding day capture.
Free Color Pop.
This preset can be applied to give your images that authentic, aged vintage feel that you are gonna always love.
A great preset for enhancing the colors of your nature photographs. This preset can be used to add some vibrance as well as sharpening to your dull, desaturated photos.
Free Fashion Vintage Presets.
Free Wedding Photography Lightroom preset.
Sharpening & Noise Reduction.
Rockwell Warm.
This presets are designed to enhance your food images. Perfect for recipe websites, food bloggers that want to share images of food.
Automatically adjust the vibrance and saturation of your wedding photos and make them look amazing.
Soft Matte.
Workflow Presets for Portraits.
Eric Kim Monochrome 1600.
Bold Colors.
This preset pack can be used to add grain and retro film feel to their images.
Winter Wonderland.
MCP Mini Enlighten.
Grainy Matte.
Add a soft, but bright haze effect to your photos using this free preset at just a single click.
Quickly turn your flat and dull food photos into deep,eye catching pictures with a simple click.
This preset has effects like grainy and split toned that adds a warm vintage look to your photos.
Analogue Love 1.
This preset adds a touch a matte effect along with B&W conversion.
Make your photos look like film photos with this high contrast Black & White preset.
Add a touch of Monochrome vintage look to your images using this preset.
This set of 20 presets is perfect to make your photos in dreaming and stunning B&W.
Use this preset to significantly increase the quality and look of your wedding photos with a single click.
Silver Lining.
Another beautiful preset that you can not afford to miss out on.
This presets are highly useful for giving your photos an old Vintage look, making them appear as if they were shot on film and has aged. Here we have provided a list of free Vintage Presets. Give them a try.
With just a few clicks, this preset is able to fine-tune colors, boost saturation, sharpen portraits, soften skin tone and correct lens distortions.
This preset transforms your photos into a monochromatic version with a slight sepia tone added.
Chocolate Matte.
Vintage Fade.
This preset softens the background to make the image pop out as well as gives your photos a beautiful film-inspired effect.
Nicolesy’s Matte.
Here we provide a list of presets that can be applied to real Estate photos.
Wedding Photo:Lighting.
This preset is well suited to give a subtle, vintage look to your city scape photos.
Use this preset to give your images a vintage, retro-inspired look.
Free Wedding Day Preset.
This preset is able to create a dramatic, detailed, B&W matte film look for your photos.
This preset gives your images a mid-fall August season effect.
This pack offers a set of 12 presets, for tweaking your photos in any way desired.
This is another fantastic lightroom preset that warms your pictures dramatically, while adding a little sunlight to it, giving it a monochrome look and feel.
Give your photos an amazing, edgy urban surreal look at the single click of this preset.
Coffee Shop Sweet Baby.
If you are too much into the B&W filter, then this is the perfect one for you.
This preset reduces the shadows in the skin, adding a soft touch to your baby’s photo.
Another amazing preset to add to your photos that chocolaty effect.
Specially designed for wedding photos, this preset will improve the look of your photos at a single click.
Faded Portrait.
Wood Neck.
This preset gives an extensive saturated effect to make your images look sharp and amazing.
This preset enhances your photos with its HDR effects. Make your photos clear and bright with this preset.
Aged Matte B&W.
This preset is ideal when your food photos contains greeny vegetables. It will give your photos a strong green with a bit black, and a touch of vignette.
Vibrant Landscape.
Free Landscape.
Monochrome B/W.
Give your photos that look of a single color with these freely available monochromes presets. Each of these presets comes with brilliant modern and advanced features.
Free Lightroom presets for Children.
This preset will help you convert your otherwise ordinary picture into an eye catching one.
This preset adds an amazing subtle, matte effect to your photos at a single click. Try it for free.
Mono Fade.
The look of Beijing.
Make your baby photo look stunning, by a single click of this preset.
Free Soft & Light.
Make your wedding images clear, sharp, elegant and remove any unwanted noise by a single click of this preset.
Want to give your photos that touch of Autumn? Use the Autumn Lightroom preset and give your photos a sepia tone effect inspired by Autumn.
Mad Dash Lightroom Preset.
Monochrome Log Lady.
This preset will give your photos a cross processed look with just a single click.
This preset is perfect to make your dull photos look vibrant and more lifelike. Make colors pop in your photos with this preset.
An amazing preset to convert your photos into a polished, dramatic B&W look without losing the highlight details.
This preset simulates the Nashville preset of Instagram.
This preset slightly washes out the colors of your photos, giving them a matte effect look.
Give your photos an monochromatic gray, washed, vintage effect with this preset.
This pack includes 10 lightroom 475 presets, perfect for newborn photography.
Vintage Touch.
Real Estate Color Correct Presets.
Blood Brothers.
This package includes 35 presets that gives your real estate photography a great sharp, bright, eye catching look.
It allows to maximize the clarity, lower the highlights and lighten shadows of your photos.
Vacation Memory.
Deep Matte.
Old Old Old.
A wonderful preset to add a touch of softness to your image.
This preset increases the exposure, adds warmth, contrast, vibrance and sharpening, all at a single click. Make underexposed photos, standout using this preset.
Landscape photos may tend to appear dull or lacking a bit of life. In such a case, this preset can be used to give your photos a pop of vibrant colors.
High Tide.
This preset can give your landscape photos an awesome cinema-inspired HDR effect.
Create some of the most amazing pictures of your own with this ultimate preset.
Shuttersweets – Monochromatic.
Free Cinematic HDR.
This is an amazing preset to give your images that single color, monochrome effect.
Free Old Polaroid Lightroom Preset.
Make colors pop out of your photos and make them vibrant at a single click of this preset.
Playful Vintage.
Rich Mono.
This free presets for Lightroom 4,5 are able to replicate the faded color and contrast effect seen in instant photos with a single click. It offers 4 basic presets – Classic Polaroid, Fluorescent, Fluorescent Washed and Incandescent.
Free Vintage Film Preset.
10 Born Baby Lightroom Preset.
HDR Exterior Real Estate Lightroom Presets.
Free Matte Presets.
Sharp Black & White.
Archived Grain.
Sweet Baby Dreams B&W preset.
Here we provide a list of presets that can be applied to real Estate photos.
Black Mamba.
Vintage Wedding Lightroom Preset.
This free Lightroom preset adds some autumn vintage flair to your photos.
This free preset is useful in removing redness from skin, brightening the image and also softening skin.
Warm Retro.
Free Baby Presets.
Unleash the full potential from your landscape images by using Lightroom landscape presets. These presets are able to accentuate the mood and tonal qualities of each season, lighting and weather condition with a single click.
Free SoftWash Film Lead.
Black and White HDR.
Vintage Film.

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