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Dungeons 2 - A Game Of Winter Activation Code [Keygen]

Dungeons 2 - A Game Of Winter Activation Code [Keygen]

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About This Content

Young Barthas Snow of the Northwatch goes forth to search for his lost uncle Banjo beyond the great wall. A difficult journey lies before him, on which he unwittingly awakens an unimaginable evil from a long dead era...
In the major extension A Game of Winter, hordes of undead overrun Dungeons 2 – and not only are they accompanied by the foul stench of blood and decay, they also come equipped with a completely new, fully scored and voice acted campaign with eight maggot-ridden missions! As the Commander of the brainless army, you control 13 gruesome new units, including brain-devouring zombies, bone-crunching skeletons and sorcerous vampires, and gain eight new rooms for your dungeon to do with as you please, such as the cemetery, the laboratory and the final resting place. You can now also take command of the undead in multiplayer games!


  • New faction: The brainless army brings a new, undead breath of air to the Dungeons 2 universe.
  • New tasks: A completely new and fully scored and voice acted campaign with 8 extensive missions awaits you.
  • New subjects: Command 13 new units, including zombies and vampires.
  • New rooms: Build 8 new rooms, like the cemetery and the laboratory.
  • New maps: 8 new brand new sandbox maps.
  • New in multiplayer: The undead can be relied upon to spread evil and wreak havoc in battle against your multiplayer adversaries!

Title: Dungeons 2 - A Game of Winter
Genre: RPG, Simulation, Strategy
Realmforge Studios
Kalypso Media Digital
Release Date: 15 Oct, 2015


  • OS: Windows Vista (SP2) 64bit
  • Processor: AMD or Intel, 3GHz Dual-Core or 2.6 GHz Quad-Core
  • Graphics: Intel HD4400, NVIDIA GeForce GT 440/GT 650M, AMD Radeon HD 7750/R5 255M
  • Storage: 6 GB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX compatible


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This DLC adds the undead as a playable faction.

The undead faction do everything very slowly, its actually quite dull waiting for them most of the time. Also the amount of research and building needed to get your dungeon defendable leaves you an easy target in the campaign which throws assaults at you almost immediately before you stand any real chance of putting up any defence at all.

So you end up scraping through in an less than exciting set of campaign missions.

Unfortunately the missions are difficult because they require prior knowledge in order to win, knowledge you can only get by losing a few times. This to me says the missions where not very well designed or heavily play tested and i think it shows in the campaign which is not as good as the main games campaign.

Is it worth getting for the undead faction, honestly, no, they are very weak and the initial start requirements before you can hold your own rather large.. Great DLC.

People complaining that it's hard and blah blah blah. I enjoyed it. Original game I steamrolled every mission, completed whole game without single restart. Here I lost a nice dozen of times, good job, on making some not-so-easy content.

And same, as in base game, great jokes, awesome narrator, great references, would recommend.. Honestly this DLC isn't worht it. I recognize that it continues the story on some level but this DLC pitt the literal worst units up against the best units contantly. I'm all for challenges but when you have to have failed X times to have even the slightest chance of over coming a challenge then the challenge ceases to be a challenge and becomes a "You must only do things one way or else". It's a magicians force. I never felt that with the base game but with this DLC I've constantly felt that. This DLC simply isn't worth the money. The units are basically the same only weaker. The game play is basically the same only requiring more imput and the storyline is basically the same only ripping of WoW Lich King. All in all this DLC takes away from the game. It adds nothing.. At first, because it was NOT Dungeon Keeper, I was a little disappointed, but after playing for hours, I gota say this game is a ton of fun. I love the "overworld" aspect of the game, and it makes me wonder how I ever enjoyed the original Dungeon Keeper without it :)
I even love the campy narrator, lol. This DLC is TERRIBLY balanced. You will walk through the first 3 missions then the 4th is a nightmare. It's a classic "look up the tactics on goolgle then do that to win" rather than having fun playing your way. After that it's nice and easy up until the final mission, where again the balance is non-existent. Rather disappointing considering the base game was really good. Sure it wasn't hard, but they could have put a basic difficulty slider in for those massochists out there instead of having a couple of random nightmare levels thrown in to what may have otherwise been a decent jaunt.. Not happy with the undead DLC.
It seems the idea is your troops die ALOT! They do come back easyer then the other factions tho.
No heals, no troops with good armor. Just sad. i love this it was more harder then the original game and it was fun still they cant get pas my first awsome trap layout anyway i love the story teller i wish ther were more game like this. TL;DR frustratingly difficult. horrendously long missions, lacks the flair and polish of the original game.

skeletons have no healing units and rely on healing rooms whgich they do NOT prioritize. units will walk around doin anything else in the dungeon at one hit from death you have to babysit every single unit.

traps are still useless because gnomes can destroy 10 of them before running out of mana and they are too expensive pot-wise to keep 10 repaired. unless there is a cheap trap to waste the gnomes powers or lessening his ability to 3 or less, traps are useless.

not NEARLY as many unit buff books or health potions that kept units competitive in the first game. and the first game had far too little anyways

the mana unit is garbage completely.

autosaves are too far apart to matter. more than an hour apart.

incredibly unfair creep waves. absolutely no thought put into them. you will be overrun playing on easy mode and have to go back to an autosave from an hour prior and redo EVERYTHING.

horrible micromanagement. you will spend more time managing research and healing units and more that you wont even be able to truly enjoy the game.

NOT RELAXING TO PLAY LIKE DK. this is a clicky micromanagement\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665\u2665

dont buy it unless its under 5 bucks.

all of this would be fixable and the game would be great if there was steam workshop support. the devs have chosen to keep the game proprietary and limit it to their narrow ideas. what a shame. could have been fantastic.

5\/10. I personally like the base building part of RTS games the most. This game squares the depth and fun of managing your base (traps, rooms, exploring underground, upgrading, etc), while still containing solid top-world RTS mechanics I've come to know. It is very humorous, colorful, and detailed. I just finished the main campaign, bought the expansion and will play it soon.

If you like traps, building, exploring, upgrading, battles, magic, satire, etc... I highly recommend it!

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