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Final Fantasy XIV: The Shadow Man is not about darkness or light, but balance

Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of Final Fantasy XIV, and Forbes accepted an interview with the upcoming MMORPG expansion film Shadowbringers. Like many JRPGs, especially the rest of the Final Fantasy series, FFXIV handles the duality of light and dark throughout the event. After all, the player character is called the Warrior of Light. So far, players have been working on lighting.

When the player is taken to another world that is encroached by light, the situation of the shadow striker has changed. In this new world, players must change direction to bring balance to the world. Of course, in order to fully understand the shadows, you need to recall that the world that players usually play is one of the fourteen "fragments" of the original world. Those fragments are basically substitute universe fragments of the original world. The player's world is the piece of debris known as the "source."

As Shadowbringers players go to a new world called "The First." The fourteen fragments of the original world were repeatedly quoted by the group of big bad guys Ascians in the game. However, so far, what it means is quite vague, because Shadowbringers will eventually let players know what is happening in other fragmented worlds. Although the new world has a lot to change, the role of FFXIV Gil is the same as that of the original world.

The whole thing is not just about the struggle between light and darkness, but about the balance between the two.

Forbes interview with Yoshida:

“The Crystal Tower stands in the first seat, although it should not exist in that world. In addition, everything that the “Light Warrior” encounters is similar to what is found in his hometown world, but it is significantly different. The form exists.

“I encourage everyone to be prepared for an unknown new adventure. All the hardships are waiting for you.”

As Yoshida explains, the meaning of light and darkness plays a big role in the new Shadowbringers environment. "The beginning of this idea is very simple: in recent fantasy works, there is a point that is important, that is, light is equal to good, dark is equal to evil, and we want to adjust it a little.

"Until Final Fantasy XIV, our players are Warriors of Light: Heroes. However, with Shadowbringers, we left Source and started our first journey, where players can use their skills to get FF14 Gil, through this I want our players to discover the truth of the world and think about the true nature of light and darkness. This is the theme of Shadowbringers.

"In any case, too strong light can become evil. Darkness and night are also necessary conditions for the world to maintain balance; this is the theme we will elaborate."

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