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MLM Software plans

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MLM Binary plan

MLM Binary plan is a plan structure which is used in Multi-Level Marketing, that is very simple and popular among MLM Plans.

In this plan, each joiner/member is positioned in the binary tree structure.

The right sub-tree and left sub-tree concept is the member's downline connections. Each member will have both trees.

This plan is being very popular because of its…


Methylcobalamin 750mg buy. Can I Order Vitamin B12 in Verified Pharmacy

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Benefits Of Opting A Coaching Center

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There is a lot of importance of government jobs because it can't be gained easily and after securing the job you have access to a better lifestyle. People also respect government officials for their work devoted to the upliftment of the nation. Overall it is a great career choice if you have an interest in civil services. To crack this exam you need correct guidance and proper training. One of the very popular government led exams is MPPSC that stands for Madhya Pradesh Public Service…


Mess in login the explanation behind SBCglobal email not working? Dial helpline number.

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In some cases, there can be a disaster in the login that may bring about SBCglobal email not working message to popup. Thusly, to manage such an issue you can utilize the help that is introduced in the tech consultancies or you can interface with the assistance group by dialing the helpline number to have a discussion with the master and get a few hints and deceives to eliminate the blunder.…


Steps to choose the best engineering course after 12th:
Search for engineering courses after 12th and develop your perspective.
The purposes behind choosing an engineering branch are to study subjects that would fall in line with your interests and obtain a good job as a fresher or give excellent opportunities for higher studies.

It’s a formidable task to collect information in limited time and choose the best course among the options available.

It may become even more tricky if you need to decide between two branches which appear similar such as Architecture and Civil Engineering, Computer and IT engineering, etc.

How to start?
Find out the subjects which an engineering stream offers.

Read about the subjects in detail and make a joint list of subjects that interest you.

Learn about the skills that are required for that engineering branch and whether you have it or not.

For example, Architecture is a 5 years course which deals with the drawing of buildings. It involves a lot of creativity, project, and assignments to sharpen your skills. Whereas, civil engineering is related to the performance of the construction process. It does not require drawing skills, but you will be needed to have engineering drawing skills which are nothing but analytical skills.

But if you remain to be confused till the start of college, do not worry. Almost all colleges offer a second chance for choosing an engineering branch after completion of the 1st year based on CGPA.

So, you can choose a good college, find out last year’s GPA cut-offs for various branches, and by the time you finish the first year of college, you will have a better knowledge about the subjects and scope of each branch.

However, let us hope you do not have to do that since I am going to help you plan right now in the current space.

Another important topic of consideration while choosing a branch is: ‘Scope’.

What is the scope of an engineering course after 12th?
As I said earlier, you may only have 3-4 weeks to decide on an engineering course after 12th. During this course, you will meet a lot of experts and gurus from various engineering fields who will fill you with a lot of advice. What they talk about is called ‘Scope’.

But honestly, it should be you to decide on scope based on your area of interest. So, let’s see some branches of engineering and their scope from a bird’s eye view:

Have you ever wondered why mechanical & civil engineering branches are called evergreen branches? It’s because humans have been developing machines and infrastructure since the beginning of time and will continue to do so till the end!

Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical engineering will comprise of subjects like machine design, fluid mechanics, refrigeration, air conditioning, etc.

The initial years of work may include working in industrial plants in the manufacturing sector. You will be working with the labor, supervising them, and the processes. It requires hard work in hard conditions on the ground.

Companies that hire Mechanical Engineers are – Hero, Maruti, Tata, Michelin, Cummins, Ashok Leyland, PSUs, etc. with salary packages of 4-5 LPA in the private sector and 9-10 lakhs per annum in PSUs or government jobs.

Civil Engineering
Civil Engineering course will involve the design of domestic and commercial elements of a building, sanitation systems or environmental engineering, soil analysis, etc

Jobs are available in design as well as on-site. Almost all civil engineers start with a job on ground managing labor, supervisors, junior engineers, and performing field tests. As you move up in the hierarchy, you will become a project manager with complete construction site responsibility.

Companies that hire civil engineers are L&T, ACC, Ultratech, Shobha Developers, KHD, Holtec, PSUs, etc.

Fresher’s Salary package for both engineering branches may vary from 4-5 LPA in the private sector and may go up to 9-10 LPA in the government sector.

There are government jobs available for mechanical and civil engineers in Public Sector Unions (PSUs) in India. But again, the number of seats for engineers is only in hundreds, and when you put reservation of seats into the scenario, you’d realize that getting a job in PSU is tough.

Computer science engineering and electronics & communication engineering are the first branches that get filled during counseling.

But why is it so? I see one simple reason as – You would be eligible for the majority of companies coming for campus placements as both the branches involve a significant part of their subjects in computer science.

Computer Science Engineering
If you choose this engineering course after 12th, you will be dealing with subjects of programming languages, data structures, website and app development, etc.

Let’s accept the fact, we are living in a digital age, and each and every company now requires a computer professional. Hence, there are a lot of jobs available in this field.

But having job opportunities in excess also has its cons. The total number of software jobs sourced from India are involved in labor-intensive jobs such as software testing, data entry, etc.

Companies like Infosys, TCS, etc. came into existence because of cheap labor in India. Although, some may be fortunate enough to land in companies like Google, Amazon, Apple, etc.

Salary package is quite profitable in the initial phase, but very soon your salary may deteriorate at some point after a few years of experience. Also, you may face arduous competition from BCA and MCA graduates.

Above are the precise reasons why CS & IT communities are now moving towards startups or going for higher studies.

Companies that hire engineers from CSE background are – Amazon, Flipkart, Dell, HP, TCS, WIPRO, Accenture, Infosys, etc.

Electronics & Communication Engineering
The subjects include VLSI design, Wireless Communication, and Networks, Optical Communication, Antenna design, etc. It is in demand because it offers huge opportunities in technology. Almost every gadget or device you use these days requires the expertise of an E&C engineer.

On the other hand, I have seen students choose E&C because it gives you job opportunities in both electronics and software-related fields. According to me, it is a disaster:

Companies that hire E&C Engineers are Texas Instruments, National Instruments, Ericsson, Motorola, Polaris, Qualcomm, Philips SC, etc.

An E&C Engineer may get a decent salary package of 5-6 LPA.

Instrumentation & Control
You must be querying after reading the name of the branch: What do these people do?

Well, remember the control room scenes of NASA or any other organization from any Hollywood flick? Ever wondered those individuals who sit on desktops, supervise various instruments and coordinate for a satellite launch are?

Those people are nothing but I&C engineers who work on designing and operating instruments, sensors, control systems, etc.

Recruiters for I&C engineers are ABB, Honeywell, Yokogawa, Siemens, Schneider, L&T, and big process industries like RIL, IOCL, HPCL, etc. offering 4+ LPA salary packages.

Mechatronics Engineering
In the current scenario, being a master of one trade is not enough. Therefore, branches like mechatronics give you that opportunity by offering studies in mechanical, electronics, electrical, I&C, etc.

It involves the study of robotics and instrumentation for the design of automation systems.

Recruiters – Mahindra & Mahindra, Reliance, MRCs, etc.

Salary packages offered to a fresher are less than 5 LPA.

Electrical Engineering
The electrical stream is for someone who has a total interest in electrical systems. Look around you and if you are interested in the know-how of electrical devices like A.C., Fridge, Fan, etc. then you are the right fit for this stream.

The subjects deal with the Electrical power system, DC / AC motors, Transformers, Transmission Lines, Analog Electronic Circuits, etc.

Some of the colleges also offer Electrical Engineering course as Electrical and Electronics. Do not worry; both are almost the same!

The biggest recruiters are – ABB, Ericsson Global, GE Health Care, Siemens, JSW Steel, L&T, Philips, MRCs, PSUs, etc.

Salary packages offered in the private sector are 4-5 LPA. However, government jobs or PSUs can offer up to 10 lakhs per annum.

Chemical Engineering
As the name suggests the Chemical Engineering course involves subject areas related to Chemistry, Heat Transfer, Mass Transfer, Hydrocarbons technology, Fertiliser Technology, Wastewater engineering, etc.

You will work in plants such as Refinery, Petrochemicals, Chemicals, Fertilisers, Cement, etc. In all these plants, you’ll be closely associated with the chemical process involved in the manufacturing of any end product.

The biggest recruiters are – RIL, IOCL, HPCL, BPCL, Ultratech, ACC, Lafarge, NALCO, etc.

Salary packages offered in the private sector are 4+ LPA as fresher

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