Whether you love to spend time in the garden, love gardening, or even if you don’t know anything about gardening, this post will help you in giving some knowledge. With a good quality garden toolset, it is very much important to be aware of some tips before working in the garden. After reading this post you will gain basic insights about gardening, especially if you are new in this field. Let us put some light on the basic factors of gardening that should be considered by beginners.

Basic requirements of a plant
To grow healthy plants, it is important to give all necessary things in the right amount. Some of the key elements required by plants include soil, water, nutrients, and sun. Remember, not everything grows in all kinds of soil so you must know about specific requirements before planting. The correct amount of water and nutritional requirements should also be fulfilled to let your plant grow healthy.

The sunlight
It is the key to have a beautiful & bloomy garden. Before choosing the spot for gardening or planting any seed, you must know about the sunlight pattern in that particular area. Most plants require at least 6 hours of sunlight for their survival per day, so this point should be considered seriously.

The soil type
For beginners, it is advisable to use nutrient-rich soil at first so they don’t have to worry much about nutritional needs. The best thing is that you should first plant in pots or containers and then transfer them to the ground after some time. It will depend upon which plant you are growing. There are some flowers, vegetables, & fruits that require specific soil conditions that you must learn about.

The season
Not every crop grows in all seasons, so smartness lies in choosing the crop according to weather conditions. Get advice from experienced campaigners before you plant so you don’t have to disappoint after doing all the hard work and getting nothing. You must know which flower or vegetable requires hot and which requires colder conditions.

Prevention and cure
This is one of the most important factors that you must keep in mind. Plants are prone to many common invaders like flies, pests, insects, bugs, and weeds. As a gardener, it is your duty to take measures to prevent any kind of invasion that can harm your garden. There are many pesticides, insecticides, and weedicides available in the market. You can go & buy according to the crop or plant you have in your garden. We suggest that wherever possible, you must choose organic & herbal pesticides to prevent any ill effects to your garden.

Importance of mulch
Mulch is nothing but decaying leaves or compost that is one of the key elements for the garden. It is seen that a 2 to 3 inches deep layer of mulch in the garden can prevent weeds. Mulch also helps in preventing loss of moisture from the soil via evaporation. This leads to less water requirement by the plants and helps in their healthier growth.

Nutritional boost on the regular basis
If you do not fulfill basic plant needs, then the plant will not thrive for long. It is necessary to add nutritional supplements on a regular basis according to the type of plant. This will not only make plants healthy & live long but also deliver nutritional fruits and big flowers. Bigger and bloomy the flowers will be, better your garden will appear.

Tools and equipments
There are many gardening tools available in the market for specific needs. But for those who are new to gardening, some basic tools are enough. These tools include hand trowel, spade, cultivator, rakes, round head shovel, and pruners. While working in the garden, it is advised to put on garden gloves to prevent cuts from thorns and insect bites as well.

These are the basic gardening tips for beginners that will help a lot when used in practice. We hope that this post is informative enough for gardening lovers. Just select the right plants according to season & weather conditions and grow them in your garden keeping above points in mind. What you will see is an amazing garden showcasing all your hard work.

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