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Tips for preventing sports injuries

Posted by Advance Sports and Orthopedics on July 11, 2020 at 11:26pm 0 Comments

More American children are competing in athletics than ever before. Places like the Saratoga Springs Rec Center provide a fantastic variety of options, so it is easy to see why Athletics assist children and adolescents in keeping their bodies fit and feeling great about themselves. However, some critical injury prevention tips can help parents promote a secure, optimal experience for your children.

All sports have a risk of injury; however, luckily for the vast majority of youth, sports…


Get Your Next Flexible Welding Cable From EWCS Wire

In your search for a Flexible Welding Cable for your welding jobs, there are a lot of factors that you need to consider in order to make an informed decision. It does require a bit of calculation to ensure that you have the right length of welding cable for whichever application you intend to put the product to, and it’s important to have the proper gauge and material for the task. Here’s the good news - when you’re confident you know what you need in a flexible welding cable when you choose to source your products from EWCS Wire, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

One of the most important factors to attend to closely is the length of the cable you’ll be needing. It’s important to be well aware of your work area or job site as well as with the other equipment you’ll be using so that you can determine the length of flexible welding cable you need. This is particularly important given that the gauge and material of the welding cable you use will affect its flexibility. In this arena, EWCS Wire comes prepared with multiple options in various gauges that you will need to complete your jobs.

Come to EWCS Wire and you will find flexible welding cables in gauges from 2 to 4/0 in black and red in case you need to keep two similar cables in terms of length and gauge but with different voltage ratings. Among the most flexible of the welding cables at EWCS Wire are their 2/0 Flexible 100-foot welding cables with a 600-volt rating and male and female LENCO connectors already installed on the cable. They are sunlight and water-resistant, two beneficial if not critical components in a welding cable that’s sure to be put to the grindstone when on the job. It is composed of 30 gauge copper strands that offer superb flexibility - perfect for situations where you need extra play in the wire. EWCS Wire also offers a portfolio of flexible welding cables from 2 to 4/0 gauge that is rated to withstand temperatures from -50C to 105C and can handle 600 volts. Their extremely durable insulation keeps them reliable under tough conditions, even giving them a measure of resistance to oil and gasoline.

But here’s the best thing about sourcing your flexible welding cables from EWCS Wire. There’s no need for you to guess on what you’re buying anymore because EWCS Wire offers some of the best customer service around. In fact, they want to hear your questions and concerns before purchasing - simply call up their team at 800-262-1598 or email them at and see what their pros can do for you. You can even head to their website at and chat with them right there. They also guarantee their orders and product to satisfy - they are serious about what they do, so when you need to get some answers for your questions, don’t settle for second best, visit and find the flexible welding cable you need.

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