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Right now i have a paper that is 2 pages and it spills over onto the third page. IS THAT GOOD ENOUGH. or does it need to be a full 3 pages and then you can go to 4. :(
To me, a 3 -4 page paper means no less than three full pages, no more than six full pages.
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That means you need to cover most of the 3rd page. Somewhere around a few lines from the bottom.
Try shrinking the borders and margins. Choose a different font. One that looks acceptable for a paper but bigger then the one you are using now. There are all kinds of different tools in Word that will make a paper look longer then it really is.

Sadly, it needs to be at least halfway to 3 /4 down a third page to cons >3 pages. Write a little more :)
what does a 3 -4 page paper mean?
my teacher when she says write a 3 -4 page essay she means write 4 pages. but i would do at least the whole 3rd page if i where you.

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