Budgerigar Green: Green like a budgerigar green hair, bright color but green with a yellow hue. Gold silk green: green as silky, thick and bright. Bean green: color is like bean blue, the color concentration is insufficient, with a slight blue tone, the color is bright. Melon green: such as the green color of the melon skin, the blue color of the green, the color is not bright enough. Spinach Green: The color is green like spinach, dark but not bright.

With a water-like color, plus a dark six-pointed star-like beam, yes, it is the Trapiche Emerald. The Dabiz emerald is characterized by a hexagonal black stripe radiating from the center to the cross section of the stone body. The hexagonal transparent or black core can also be seen in the middle, which is very mysterious and beautiful. It is caused by the fact that during the crystal growth, the emerald crystal compresses the impurities between the hexagonal growth planes and gradually forms the later Trapiche shape. Trapiche is not a gem, but a special growth phenomenon of gemstones. It is not exclusive to emeralds. It should be said that all trigeminal or hexagonal gemstones may have Trapiche.

The Trapiche structure engraved couples jewelry[best friend rings online] consists of unique hexagonal and radial spiral ribbons, as well as tiny cloud-like inclusions. According to a recent study by GIA, Gem and Gemology, determining the overpressure fluid in black shale helps the growth of green seed crystals which provides a unique growth environment for them to form Trapiche. Others such as aquamarine, ruby, sapphire, tourmaline, etc. have appeared in the Trapiche structure, but the most famous Trapiche structure still appears in the emerald.

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