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On This Page.
This = download=20 is available to customers running ge= nuine=20 Microsoft Windows. Please click the = Continue =20 button to begin Windows val >
This download is available running ge= nuine=20 Microsoft Windows. Click the Continue button in the=20 Validation Recommended section above to begin the short = val >
It is = highly=20 recommended that you remove all previous versions of Support = Tools,=20 including beta versions of the Windows Support Tools for = Microsoft=20 Windows XP, before you run the Support Tools installation = program.=20.
The following Support Tools have been = updated in=20 Service Pack 2: bitsadmin.exe=20 extract.exe=20 httpcfg.exe=20 iadstools.dll=20 ipseccmd.exe=20 netdom.exe=20 replmon.exe The following is a list = of all=20 Support Tools in Service Pack 2: acldiag.exe=20 activate.exe=20 addiag.exe=20 adprop.dll=20 adsiedit.msc=20 apimon.exe=20 apmstat.exe=20 bindiff.exe=20 bitsadmin.exe=20 browstat.exe=20 cabarc.exe=20 clonepr.dll=20 depends.exe=20 dfsutil.exe=20 dhcploc.exe=20 diruse.exe=20 dmdiag.exe=20 dnscmd.exe=20 dsacls.exe=20 dsastat.exe=20 dskprobe.exe=20 dumpchk.exe=20 dupfinder.exe=20 efsinfo.exe=20 exctrlst.exe=20 extract.exe=20 filever.exe=20 ftonline.exe=20 gets >
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP.
The Windows = Support Tools for=20 Microsoft Windows XP are intended for use by Microsoft = support=20 personnel and experienced users to assist in diagnosing and=20 resolving computer problems. For indiv > The=20 Windows Support Tools for Windows XP can be installed only = on a=20 computer that is running the Windows XP operating system. = The=20 Windows Support Tools for Windows XP cannot be used to = upgrade=20 Microsoft Windows NT or Microsoft Windows 2000 Support Tools = installed on Windows NT or Windows 2000.
System Requirements.
Important: These tools have not been = localized; they=20 are written and tested only in the English language. Using = these=20 tools with a different language version of Microsoft Windows = XP may=20 not work.

Quick Description.
5 MB of free disk space=20 Windows XP Service Pack 2 Note: The Windows = XP=20 Service Pack 2 Support Tools are not supported on 64-bit=20 platforms.
Estimated Download Time: =
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