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!! Fixed incorrect selection of video format when doing automatic video format selection on YouTube.
o Greatly reduced large file download starting latency;
+ Improved Leech Download dialog box with default to leech pictures.
o Improved algorithm for faster download;
+ Easy-to-use "one-click" YouTube video download in IE, Firefox/Mozilla web browsers.
o Updated with new version of Ask Toolbar.
+ Option to shred downloads when deleting them from disk.
GetGo Download Manager 6.
o Seamless Internet Explorer (up to 7.x) and Firefox (up to 3.x) integration.
!! Fixed the resoruce ID issue which caused the main toolbar tooltip showing wrong text.
!! Fixed a couple reported minor issues.
!! Fixed category download directory incorrectly updated when RDD is changed and was system root directory (e.g. C:\)
o Improved GUI dialogs to make GUI look properly with German language.
o Added information dialog upon clicking YouTube video download button when browser integration is disabled.
o Updated Main List View's column header with theme and hottracking support.
Version (February/02/2010)
+ IE toolbar integration: a GetGo toolbar that is integrated in to your browser for fast and easy downloading.
o Enhanced main listview scrolling with shell icon caching;
- Integration and Ease of Use.
!! Improved on application launch error during system startup handling.
You can easily set up a Batch Download that not only downloads a large list of files using an URL pattern template, but also automatically renames downloaded files using a filename pattern template.
Version (March/11/2011)
Version (April/22/2011)
o Enhanced video detection in IE for Metacafe.com to handle HD videos.
+ Bandwidth Graph in Drop Window while downloading.
o Enhanced 1-Click YouTube in-page toolbar with HQ and HD video support;
o Improved GetGo's IE/Firefox integration with YouTube.com.
o Enhanced YouTube video link detection.
Version (November/02/2010)
Version (August/12/2010)
Version 3.70 Build 20071108 (November/08/2007)
Version (September/28/2010)
!! Fixed the ability to manually start PENDING or SCHEDULED downloads.
+ Color Customization for Downloaded, Downloading, and Bandwidth.
- Remove IE Plugin.
+ Added auto-categorization basing the final download filename extension, even when you paste a URL into GetGo without showing the NewDownload dialog.
+ Tooltip for Drop Window.
!! Fixed - Download Behavior option not being saved.
o Improved Handling of YouTube Video with Title containing Multi-byte chars.
Version (April/21/2015)
+ Download priority: set multiple download tasks to ¡°pending¡± and prioritize the downloads so that preference can be set for important downloads.
+ Revamped YouTube support to handle HTTPS URLs as well as the new format map that got changed in Septmember, 2012.
Version (August/16/2010)
o Firefox integration enhancement - Right Click Context Menu to Download URL or Download All.
+ Added new convert toolbar button.
!! Fixed installer failure on removing Firefox Addon during uninstall.
!! Right click context menu on Main GUI now opens the correct folder containing the downloaded file;
!! Fixed YouTube download !! due to the changes casued by YouTube update of its video pages on March 3, 2011.
!! Fixed the issue of stopping scheduled re-downloads ending in incorrect download state.
Version (June/25/2009)
o Integrated Internet Explorer context menu keyword search on selected text.
o Updated to be compatible with latest YouTube site change (January, 2014)
!! Fixed YouTube capture failure on some videos with long video url.
Version 4.0 Build 88 (October/24/2008) . MAJOR NEW RELEASE.
o Improved Program's Error Recovery Ability.
+ Added Dynamic Multi-Language Support.
o Enhanced installer with more detailed component list;
+ Brand new installer with company digital signature.
o new drop window graphic.
+ New Account/Username/Password Management.
+ Added ability to capture YouTube HQ (High Quality) and HD (High Definition) video in either FLV or MP4 format.
+ Added HTTPS download support.
+ Added UNICODE download support.
o Updated with new version of Ask Toolbar.
Version (July/17/2009)
Detect and Download web videos.
!! Fixed YouTube download failure when clicking detected YouTube videos in GetGo Toolbar for both IE and Firefox due to recent YouTube service changes.
!! Fixed "General" option dialog change detection issue.
+ Smooth Vista User Access Control (UAC) and Internet Explorer 7 protected mode handling.
+ Added Firefox browse extension support.
Version (March/25/2018) . UNICODE SUPPORT FINALLY IS HERE .
Multi Threaded Download Engine.
+ Added Generic MP4 video detection in GetGo Toolbar in IE.
+ Added support for Firefox 4.0.
o Updated Firefox Integration to be compatible with Firefox 8.0.
!! Fixed URL that contains filename with blank spaces.
+ Added video detection support for MegaVideo.com and Break.com.
o Updated GetGo Toolbar for Firefox to detect generic MP4 videos.
!! fixed MultiURL dialog box blank default filename and customize checkbox.
Version 3.00 Build 20051019 (October/19/2005) . MAJOR NEW RELEASE.
+ Command Line Support.
o Enhanced handling of HTTP status codes.
o Update Firefox addon for new Firefox versions.
+ HTTP/FTP Proxy/Firewall support.
!! Other fixes around HTTP protocol handling.
+ Enhanced URL re-directing handling during downloading.
!! Fixed - Invalid chars in "Save To" edit box resulting missing downloaded file;
o reduce the amount of nagging in trial version.
o Support Theme in integrated IE download confirmation dialog.
o Updated Firefox Integration to be compatible with upcoming Firefox 7.0.
+ Added Option to allow auto-updating Category Download Directory (CDD) on Root Download Directory (RDD) change.
+ Added ability to select preferred video format for YouTube Video Download.
o Updated Installer to make Firefox and IE integration optional during installation.
+ FireFox web browser Integration.
Smart download engine intelligently segments the file using multiple threads to accelerate your download.
+ Added French language support.
Free Internet Download Manager with integrated web video downloader.
o Enhanced the Search Toolbar in GetGo Main GUI - Support Multi-byte char (such as Chinese/Japanese) search terms.
o GetGo IE Toolbar with Theme support and ToolTips.
+ Added IE8 as HTTP referrer;
+ Option to Shutdown Computer on Download Completion.
+ Enhanced batch downloading to download a large list of files and automatically rename them using a filename pattern template.
Version (March/27/2009)
+ Added Twitter, Facebook and YouTube links to the Help menu.
o New GetGo Toolbar - Enhanced Toolbar Search: Support Multi-byte char (such as Chinese/Japanese) search terms.
Version (July/4/2014)
o Enhanced HTTP handling of web server resume support.
+ Added large file (2GB or more) download ability;
o Updated to be compatible with latest YouTube site change (December, 2012)
Detect and Download web videos.
o minor bug fixes.
!! Fixed property pane edit control mouse focus grab.
!! Fixed scheduler's failure to recur every day.
+ Added Facebook video detection and download support.
Comprehensive error recovery and resume capability can restart broken or interrupted downloads due to lost connections, network problems, computer shutdowns, or unexpected power outages.
!! Fixed incorrect version resource.
Version (October/15/2012)
Version 3.60 Build 20070831 (August/31/2007)
!! Cleaned up some resource exception on exit;
o Enhanced the way extensions are managed in URLCatcher options.
!! fixed VersionChecker system tray message crash.
+ Added 64bit download support.
o Improved web video detection algorithm.
+ Floating Drop Window for easy URL Drag & Drop.
o Moved the "Download This Video" button to a more visible position in the YouTube Video pages.
- Speed and Downloading.
o Updated all the sound effects.
+ New GetGo Toolbar - Flash Video Detection: Selecting a detected video in the GetGo Toolbar downloads it automatically using GetGo Download Manager.
o Updated with new version of Ask Toolbar.
GetGo Download Helper for Chrome.
!! Fixed downloaded file name containing html code.
o Improved handling of file extensions.
!! Fixed GetGo Toolbar video detection feature in IE9.
+ Integrated Ask Search into GetGo IE Toolbar and Main GUI for easy searching.
+ Added brand new GUI style.
+ Made auto-categorize based on file extension as an option;
Enhancement and Support.
Flexible Download Scheduler.
!! Fixed remove extra line termination chars when pasting URL into GetGoDM.
!! Fixed close getgo after completion option.
+ Added IE and Firefox addons.
Multi Threaded Download Engine.
!! Fixed - atl.dll and manifest mismatch caused IE integration fail to install on many systems;
!! Fixed force exit prompting dialog always showing up if file menu's Exit menu item is selected.
+ Added Full HD (1080P) YouTube video support.
!! HTTP handling fixed issues when downloading from Amazon S3, Google Picasa.
Version 3.01 Build 20051219 (December/19/2005)
o Improved IE integrated 1-click YouTube download button loading logic.
o Updated Firefox Integration to be compatible with upcoming Firefox 11.0.
Version 2.53 Build 20041026 (October/26/2004)
!! Fixed - Options dialog "Sounds" tab didn't reset properly when "Reset to Default" is clicked.
Version (September/29/2009)
o Enhanced GetGo Toolbar GUI.
!! Fixed - YouTube Major Upgrade on April 1, 2010 resulted 1-Click Download button to disappear from YouTube video pages.
Download speeds by up to 5 times, resume and schedule downloads.
!! Fix Google video capture failure in FireFox.
+ Download Complete Popup Notification.
!! Fixed Download.com URLs.
o Firefox integration enhancement - Integrated into SaveAs download dialog of Firefox.
Version 3.60 Build 20070911 (September/11/2007)
Customizible, Dockable and Skinned GUI.
Version 3.5 Build 20060618 (June/18/2006)
!! Fixed filename naming bug.
Pause and Resume broken downloads.
Easy Batch Download.
+ Added GetGo123 mode with an embedded web browser.
!! Fixed GetGo Toolbar for Firefox unable to intercept videos right after installation.
o Updated the YouTube Download format auto-selection algorithm.
+ Added Chrome browse extension support.
!! Fixed - Missing video file after downloading due to bad chars contained in video page title.
o Enhanced Firefox integration to provide more reliable video detection;
!! Fixed the issue of download scheduler option not being saved when the app restarts.
Version (March/25/2013)
!! Fixed - Installer DPI problem when installing onto system with higher DPI.
+ Added IE9 document mode auto-detection and handling.
Version (February/11/2013)
Intergration and Ease of Use.
+ Option to Launch on StartUp.
o Enhanced main GUI such that it will no longer sticky when scrolling up and down even if there are many URLs/downloads.
+ Tree list view with state based categorization of your downloads; now you can prioritize, sort on status, and assign user-defined categories to any download.
!! Fixed allow unfinished scheduled downloads to return to SCHEDULED state.
+ Disable IE Monitoring in DropWindow Menu and Main Menu.
+ Added status window for downloads.
o Enhanced the Search Toolbar in GetGo Main GUI - Images and Videos Shortcut Search Buttons.
+ New GetGo Toolbar - Flash Video Detection: Supports capturing video title with Multi-byte chars (such as Chinese/Japanese).
GetGo Download Helper for Firefox.
o Updated GetGo integration to be compatible with Firefox 6 new release.
o New GetGo Toolbar - Enhanced Toolbar Search: Images and Videos Shortcut Search Buttons.
!! fixed MFC library dependency resulting GetGo fails to run on some machines.
Version (December/29/2017) . UNICODE SUPPORT FINALLY IS HERE .
!! Fixed GetGo Toolbar unable to register in IE of Windows 7 / XP.
Version (November/26/2009)
Easy Batch Download.
+ New URL Interception Dialog.
Extreme Download Acceleration.

!! Fixed GGDM crash when click Cancel button on New Download Dialog in URL detecting.
o Enhanced Leech Download with auto category assignment.
!! Fixed installer DLL upgrade failure.
Version 3.71 Build 20071128 (November/28/2007)
Version 3.80 Build 20080227 (February/27/2008)
!! Fixed DailyMotion capture in both IE and Firefox.
o Enhanced Main GUI button state according to the selection in the main listview.
o Improved German Translation in various components.
!! Fixed "Downloads" tree control focus lost issue.
+ Added webM support for YouTube.
Compatibility and fixes.
Version (August/05/2011)
Version (March/25/2012)
+ Customizable toolbar: Create your own toolbar buttons, show or hide the standard tool bar, and arrange buttons for more convenient access to all the features GetGo offers.
+ Added handling of URL with username and password included (e.g "http://username:password@www.getgosoft.com/")
o Improved handling of pages with iframe tags.
!! Fixed installer overwriting some user options when install over existing copy;
+ Added navigation website www.getgo123.com.
+ Updated Firefox/Mozilla browser Addon with download confirmation dialog.
!! Fixed YouTube download failure for some specific URLs.
+ Enhanced IE integration: Launch from IE using a button or context menu.
o Enhanced video detection of MySpace, Vimeo, Metacafe and DailyMotion with HQ video support.
Browser extension to detect and download the files from the web browser.
Version (February/04/2016) . HTTPS SUPPORT FINALLY IS HERE .
+ Added auto-resume on stopped downloads at startup as an option;
Version 2.51 Build 20040708 (July/08/2004)
o updated help file.
o Fixed some crash bugs.
+ New GetGo Toolbar - Flash Video Detection: Supports not only YouTube, but also Myspace, Myspace, Google Video, MetaCafe, DailyMotion, iFilm/Spike and more.
Version 2.50 Build 20040603 (June/03/2004)
+ Added "Remove Download" in context menu, allowing removing downloads without deleting the file from the disk.
o updated using new GUI framework dll.
Version (December/11/2011)
o Support IE7 with multiple tabs.
+ Sys Tray Tooltip.
o Updated to be compatible with latest YouTube site change on August 3, 2011.
Version (August/28/2009)
+ New Office 2007 themed UI by default as well as a number of new themes.
Version (April/18/2010)
Version (January/28/2010)
o Fixed HTTPS issue to download the stopped videos.
o Update cloud videos detected from IE and Firefox addons.
!! Fixed YouTube download failure in both IE and Firefox due to YouTube's recent addition of new flash parameters.
o Improved URL extraction algorithm for Leech Download.
!! Fixed IE crash on exit;
Version 2.55 Build 20050131 (January/31/2005)
o Updated to be compatible with latest YouTube site change (February, 2013)
+ Start/Stop All Downloads.
Version (September/26/2011)
+ Added Internet Explorer 8 Support.
o Updated GetGo IE Toolbar and URLCatcher.
o Removed FLV and Youtube video download split limitation.
o Removed Ask related components.
Integrated web browser (GetGo 123) detects web videos using our cloud-based technology for you to download and save to local disk.
!! Uninstaller auto-closes Firefox to avoid failure when removing Firefox Addon during uninstallation.
+ New GetGo Toolbar - Flash Video Detection: Supports ANY web sites with embedded FLV video.
+ Image viewer: Display your downloaded images in GetGo.
+ Import/Export URL links from/to file.
+ Added new "Category" option tab into Options Dialog.
o Updated GetGo integration to be compatible with Firefox 5 new release.
o Removed image format interception inside web browser integration to smooth the workflow;
Getgo download manager3.01 build 20051219.
Version (February/23/2009)
o Updated Firefox Integration to be compatible with upcoming Firefox 19.0.
!! Fixed some GetGo 4 bugs.
!! Fixed incorrect download state when trying to Re-Download with the global option of Download Behavior as "Start Manually" and "Start Scheduled"
+ Added Vimeo.com with HD support!
+ Record streaming video: set up and automatically record MMS video recordings and have them play on Windows Media player.
!! Other core logic fixes.
+ Option to Add URL without asking.
+ YouTube video download. You can now download your favorite YouTube videos to your PC!! Just enter the video URL from YouTube, GetGo will automatically process the request and download the video as ".flv" format (Flash video).
Version 2.52 Build 20040817 (August/17/2004)
o Remove IE and Firefox add-ons.
+ Auto Download Password Selection - When downloading files from a site that requires a username/password, GetGo will now automatically select one if there is a matching domain.
o Vista Compatibility.
!! Fixed problem when virus scanning a directory that contains spaces.
o Enhanced antivirus scanning parameter with %file% support.
!! Fixed data format display.
!! Fixed UI bugs under lower screen resolution.
o Updated default categories file extension list.
+ Added firefox integration.
+ Leech download capability: a faster and more convenient way of getting all the downloads you need from an entire web page.
!! Fixed - Firefox and IE Addon handling of the new YouTube video page layout.
o Updated cloud detected of video.
+ Added content search, website browse, download and video detected one-stop opration.
+ HTTP/FTP Protocol Performance Enhancements.
+ Added URL tooltip and Copy URL context menu item to the browser tab.
o Optimize the speed of opening web page.
o Enhanced download speed calculation to smooth out the spikes.
Version (December/09/2018)
Version (January/24/2014)
!! Fixed the main toolbar state fail to update when a selected download is completed.
+ GetGo Mozilla Module (i.e. Firefox Integration) now supports multi-languages.
o Updated Firefox Integration to be compatible with Firefox 13.0.
+ Option to Close GetGo on Download Completion.
+ Added handling of new YouTube video page URL using "#!" instead of "?". See more @ http://blog.arpitnext.com/2010/03/youtube-video-page-url-structure.....
!! Fixed - GetGo Toolbar unable to register in IE sometimes.
+ Added customizable file extension for automatic download categorization.
o Main GUI Toolbar now allows show buttons in small icon and with/without text labels.
Speed and downloading.
- Enhancement and Support.
+ Support for FTP PORT or PASV mode.
!! Fix command line bugs of starting up from addons.
o Improved handling of DailyMotion video URLs.
+ Added background ShellIcon fetch thread as well as a ShellIcon cache to speed up drastically on program startup when there are many downloads.
o Updated GUI library.
!! Race condition bugfix.
+ Re-designed New Download dialog box with auto-probing URL re-direction and auto-re-categorization.
Version 2.54 Build 20041215 (December/15/2004)
o Updated Browser Integration to be compatible with Firefox 25 & IE 11.
- Customization and Interface Features.
!! Fixed download using Proxy with username and password authentication.
Version (July/06/2010)
+ Added .iso and .msi extension handling;
Version (July/3/2011)
+ Re-worked YouTube 1-Click Download Feature;
Version (November/18/2008)
+ Added the Google Native and Firefox Native options in the installer.
+ Interface themes: 7 new themes to choose from for your GetGo window layout. You can also setup your own color scheme for GetGo.
o Updated Firefox Add-on to support Firefox 2.0.
o Enhanced GUI workflow for main listview default selection.
+ Added support for setting default priority for a new download.
!! Fixed a few bugs related to GetGo launch failure making it more fault tolerant.
Version (September/21/2014)
o Re-designed "Properties" pane to be horizontal oriented so that more columns can be shown in the main view.
+ New Option DialogBox.
Free Internet Download Manager with integrated web video downloader.
o Enhanced YouTube URL detection and extraction.
+ Main ListView Header now fully configurable/customizable via right click context menu.
+ Dockable windows: re-configure the section of the GetGo window the way you want.
+ Added ability to select preferred video format for YouTube Video Download.
+ Added full German language support.
!! Fixed - Firefox 3.6 integration installation problem due to its removable of one of its command line options;
+ New GetGo Toolbar - for both IE and Firefox.
+ Added Automatic Check for Updates option.
+ More Sound Options (Download Added/Started/Failed/Complete)
o Enhanced shell integration.
!! Fixed GUI when recording MMS stream.
!! Cleared various compiling warnings.
!! Fixed GetGo crash on exit when using left mouse click on the system tray icon;
Pause and Resume broken downloads.
!! Fixed the Global Speed display bug.
+ GetGo Internet Explorer Toolbar/Context Popup Menu.
o Fixed HTTPS issue to display HTTPS URL.
o Updated 1-click YouTube download logic to handle recent YouTube changes.
GetGo Download Manager 6.

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