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Dell printer ondersteuning nummer België +32-25885504

Posted by Lean Chu on July 6, 2020 at 12:11pm 0 Comments

Krijg onmiddellijke oplossing voor uw vraag en deskundige oplossing met 24*7 uur ondersteuning. We zijn altijd beschikbaar om volledige technische ondersteuning te bieden met een ervaren teamlid. We lossen alle problemen met betrekking tot Dell Printer op, zoals Geen papier of papierstoring, Inkjetprinter inktgerelateerde problemen, Printerfout (oranje of knipperend lampje), Kabels niet goed aangesloten, Printer heeft geen voedingsindicator en alle andere ondersteunende diensten. Bel voor…


Joint N-11 Review – Is This Product Safe To Use?

Posted by enchanmatmle on July 6, 2020 at 12:10pm 0 Comments

The ingredients used to formulate Joint N-11 are said to be all-natural and that this is what trims its odds of causing unwanted sided effect even with long-term use. Another detail that makes this product stand out as a joint support supplement is that all its components are well studied.Joint pain is a common health problem, especially in old people. The reason this is so is that, with age, some biological processes that are meant to ensure the joints get the necessary nutrients to fail. To… Continue

How ICSI treatment can help in Infertility ?

 ICSI treatment in infertility<br / " src=""">

Parenthood is the most rewarding transition in a couple’s life. But, some couples are suffering in having a baby and failing to experience this beautiful transition of life known as pregnancy.

The problem arises due to infertility that may be present in any of the partners, or there can be additional reasons that are preventing the pregnancy.Infertility in scientific terms is the inability to get pregnant after trying and having unprotected sexual intercourse for a year.

Patients that are not able to have a child may or may not be sterile.To curb with infertility, we have numerous procedures, and one such is known as Intracytoplasmic sperm injection(ICSI). If you are suffering from having the pregnancy and planning to undergo ICSI traetment , here are all the details related to the procedure, you need to know along with the chances of getting pregnant that will help you make a wise decision.

What is ICSI?

Very similar to the process of IVF, in intracytoplasmic sperm injection(ICSI) the eggs or sperms are collected from the partners to perform the fertilization process, which marks the primary difference between ICSI and IVF.
Instead of placing several sperms with an egg, in ICSI a single sperm is injected directly into the egg. Some of the fertility clinics often recommend ICSI for every IVF cycle, whereas others usually reserve the treatment for those suffering from critical infertility problems.
With that said, the ICSI-IVF treatment has helped many infertile couples to experience the joy of parenthood All you need is the right fertility centre in Jalandhar to make the treatment just right for you.

Why do we need ICSI?

If you are facing the below-mentioned infertility related issues, then, ICSI is the most optimal procedure for overcoming these infertility problems among the couples

  • The sperm count is meagre and is not sufficient to perform artificial insemination, IUI, or IVF
  • The motility of sperm is very poor; that means the movement of sperm is not normal
  • The sperm may have a problem while attaching to the egg or while penetrating the egg

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