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How to Cope with Feelings of Jealousy During the Surrogacy Process?

The process of surrogacy comes with all kinds of unique challenge which most people haven't faced. But as an intended parent, you'll feel a whole range of emotions on your journey to parenthood. One of the most challenging obstructions for many prospective parents is the feeling of jealously that can come in quickly without any warning and leave you wondering why you feel this way and what you should do about it. After all, this is all what you have wanted and why you picked surrogacy treatment in Mumbai.

So, why do you feel jealous of the surrogate carrying your baby? There's a lot to unpack here about the jealously you experience as it is entirely natural. It is alright to feel the way you are during the process of surrogacy. As you process the emotions at the surrogacy hospital in Mumbai and find the best way forward, here are several things to consider:

Don't Deny What You Are Feeling?

Wanting the special connection which comes with carrying your child is entirely natural for women. That desire may manifest in the form of jealously during a surrogacy process. Don't try to squash this feeling or pretend as if it doesn't exist. Acknowledge this feeling is healthy so you should give yourself the grace as you deal with it. Trying to ignore your feelings of jealously will leave them to pester and grow that could lead to creating a rift in your relationship with the surrogate in the surrogacy treatment in Mumbai.

Set Boundaries in Conversations

People will have a lot of questions about the procedure performed at surrogacy hospital in Mumbai. On the one hand, they ask because they care and you want to be kind and comfortable letting people into your life as they can provide you with support and encouragement. However, it is also vital to set boundaries on these conversations after all some feelings are best kept private. So, it depends on you where to place the line. Always listen to your emotions and understand what makes you comfortable to discuss. Know that you still have the right not to answer the questions.

Remind Yourself of the Positives

You're about to be a parent! And what's a more exciting time in life. You shouldn't deny the hard parts of the process or pretend those challenges don't exist. However, focusing solely on the bad erases all of the good. And there's a lot of good right now with surrogacy. The joys of parenthood with the process at surrogacy hospital in Mumbai will bring some of the most fulfilling moments in life. Meditate on the blessings during this process that will ultimately bring the bliss of parenthood to your life. Focusing on the good things of the surrogacy treatment in Mumbai can help your feeling gradually shift.

Find ways to create excitement

The process at surrogacy hospital in Mumbai is going to feel all-consuming when you are at it. But you still have the rest of your life. So, find the ways to remind yourself of all the other things that are going for you. Taking your mind off the surrogacy treatment in Mumbai can be refreshing and rejuvenating.

You can have a great relationship with your surrogate

One of the excellent ways to get rid of the feelings of jealously is having a strong relationship with your surrogate. Don't expect to be best friends; however, you can develop a bond of friendship to start seeing your surrogate as not just a woman carrying your baby. This perspective will make it easier to avoid the feelings of jealously because you'll start caring about who she is as a person instead of just as a surrogate.

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