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The weather has already begun to turn in the midwest. Although winter is a wonderful time of year for many, with the holiday season approaching, it also means another, more sinister thing: the rodents are coming. As it gets colder outside, pests will be searching for warm places to spend the winter. You don’t want any rodents vacationing in your home! Here are some steps you can take to prevent rodent infestation this winter.

Seal your home!

One of the most effective ways to ensure that rodents can not enter your home is by finding their potential entry points and sealing them. This will also help to keep your house warmer. Potential entry spots for rodents can be spaces between the floors and doors, holes in window screens, outside holes into your basement or walls. Remember that mice are extremely flexible and can fit into very small spaces. Fill small holes with steel wool to discourage rodents from using these entry points. Place weather caulking on outside areas that could be at risk for rodent entry.

Set traps.

There are a wide variety of rodent traps available. Some are lethal, whereas some are live traps and are not harmful to the creatures. Lethal traps include snap and glue traps, whereas live traps are like small cages that close when the rodent enters them, trapping them inside. Check the traps every day to see if you have rodents in your home. If you do have rodents in the traps, check entry areas, windows, and other places you suspect the rodents may be entering from. If you don’t seal your home, new rodents will enter the area.

Clean your home.

Rodents are attracted to areas where they could easily get food and make nests. If you have lots of loose paper or other objects lying around, rodents can try and make their nests in those areas. Also, make sure that any food is properly stored and sealed. Check your cabinets periodically for loose food. If you have holes chewed through your bags, it is likely that you are facing a rodent infestation and should seek help. Store your food in airtight containers that will protect your family from illness.

Call a professional

If it is too late for you, and you are already facing rodent infestation, call a professional. Rodent control Ann Arbor has all the services you need. If setting your own traps is not working, it may be time to call an exterminator. A professional service can conduct an inspection of your home. They will determine how the rodents are entering your home, where they are nesting, and how best to remove them. You should not have any more rodent problems after contacting a professional exterminator.

With winter approaching, make sure you are doing your diligence in protecting your home from rodents. Check for any areas of potential entry and seal them off. Clean your home and set traps, if you need to. If all else fails, call an exterminator for professional help.

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