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Many eLearning PRINCE2® Courses are not formally accredited or approved by the PeopleCert, which means the courses are invariably not fit-for-purpose in terms of providing the study content necessary to pass the exams. Only accredited providers are allowed to use the appropriate AXELOS logo shown above.
Business Case – wy are we investing in the project? Organization – who do we need to manage the project? Quality – what we have to deliver to ensure fit-for-purpose Plans – how will we deliver, when & resource requirements Risk – managing uncertainty Change – understanding implications of changing requirements Progress – understanding & controlling where we are against plans.
Don’t feel nervous about the exam process. Our comprehensive eLearning course covers the exam syllabus in full and we will also provide you with exam hints and tips. Furthermore, we (unlike many competitors) pay extra for the premium remote proctoring service. With this Proctoring service you will be personally guided through the on-line exam process rather than having your exam being recorded and watched by an invigilator later. This means there are fewer opportunities for your exam to be disqualified because of inadvertent mistakes with in the exam process itself.
Balance Global’s PRINCE2® elearning foundation course is accredited by the PeopleCert (exam institute), ensuring that delegates receive a consistently high standard of training. The course is presented by our lead PRINCE2® trainer (rather than an actor) to ensure the best possible experience for our learners.
Public and Private organisations continue to demand better project outcomes and benefits. This has expressed itself in recent years in the following ways:-
Furthermore, our courses use multi-media and have been carefully designed to cater for different learning styles, preferences and abilities:
Anyone who has to work within a project environment in any industry, and wants to increase the likelihood of their projects succeeding will benefit from understanding PRINCE2®. The foundation level qualification tests how much of the method learners have absorbed.
There are no prerequisites before you purchase this course.
If you are dedicated it is entirely possible to attain all the qualifications in this course in less than 1 week.
Course accredited, licensed and approved.
The 7 Themes:
Interactive self paced eLearning course.
Within 24 hours of booking your exam you will receive a confirmation email asking you to register on the PeopleCert’s (Exam Institute) website before for your exam takes place.
This foundation course covers all of the official 2017 syllabus, which includes the following elements:
A common concern with eLearning is that you will be un-supported as a learner. With our courses this is not so. Not only will you be able to see questions asked by previous learners through subject forums, but you will be able to directly message the trainer if you are stuck or don’t understand something.
Exam Voucher / Booking If you upgrade and go on to purchase an exam you will be sent an email with a voucher code and a link to use the code to make your booking. The exam is run through our Examination Institute (PeopleCert) remote Proctor service. You can book your exam for a time and day of your choosing including weekends and evenings, but you need to give 10 days’ notice of when this is.
Although this option does not include the official foundation exam, here is some information about it in case you wish to upgrade later.
Continued Business Justification Learn from Experience Defined Roles and Responsibilities Manage by Stages Manage by Exception Focus on Products Tailor to the Project Environment.
Advantages of Online Proctor Examinations.
Increased Employment Opportunities & Better Salary Rewards.
Please download the following official PeopleCert Guide.
NOTE: When using tablets the best way to run our course App is to use the chrome browser as it has the richest support for our interaction gesture driven training videos.
Product Based Planning Quality review Technique.
This section is will assist you in determining if your computer / tablet and internet connection are compatible of running our online training courses (via our e-Learning platform) and get your final certification exam proctored through the PeopleCert Online Proctoring Service .
Requirements for eLearning Minimum Recommended PC Users Windows XP Windows 7 or above Mac Users Mac OS X Mac OS x 10.7 Lion or above Apple Tablet (for App) Ipad 3 Ipad 3 or above Android Tablet (for App) 1GB Internal RAM 1024 x 768 pixel resolution 2GB Internal RAM 1280 x 768 or above pixel resolution Internet Download Speed 0.768Mbps 1.5 Mbps Internet Upload Speed 0.348 Mbps 1.5 Mbps RAM 1024MB 2GB Screen Resolution 1280 X 768 resolution 1280 X 768 resolution and above Browsers Mozilla Firefox Google Chrome Google Chrome Viewing / Multimedia Player HTML5 (standard default for most browsers Adobe Flash Adobe Shockwave NOTE: If you have trouble with either of these we recommend you disable and let your system use the default HTML5 Additional Requirements for ProtorU Exams Minimum Recommended Web Camera 640 x 480 resolution 1280 x 720 Microphone Connectable Microphone Inbuilt microphone.
There are some conditions (such as dyslexia) that qualify for extra time in the examinations. If you think you may qualify for extra time please let us know when you book your exam. Please note that you will need to provide documentary evidence of the condition to qualify for extra time and give us 20 days’ notice of your booking.
Examination Methods & Bookings.
Detailed Information on 2 Techniques:
Project Managers / aspiring Project Managers Team Leaders /Lead Developers Programme Managers PMO staff such as risk managers, change managers, planners and resource managers Project Support Officers Business Analysts /SCRUM Masters Product Owners, SROs and Project Sponsors Operational Line Managers / Staff participating in a PRINCE2® Project.
Multiple Choice 60 questions 33 marks or more required to pass (out of 60 available marks) – 55% Closed Book exam The foundation exam is a 1 hour This exam texts how much of the theory you have retained and understand No negative marking Qualification Valid for life.
Get Qualified in less than 1 week.
Special Dispensations.
Note: this option does not include the examinations. There are easy routes to upgrade later on should you wish to do so. This course has been officially approved by the PeopleCert. This ensures the official syllabi are covered.
This course has been reviewed and accredited by the PeopleCert.
Whats New About PRINCE2® 2017?
Worked through all the course sections and units at least once Completed the exam simulator tests and achieved a repeatable score of 55% / above.
We didn’t think the globally established and proven project management method that is PRINCE2® could be improved, but AXELOS have proved us wrong.
The 7 Principles:
Because all of our courses (eLearning & Classroom) are optimised to cater for different learning styles we consistently achieve some of the highest exam pass rates. For example our learners on their first attempt achieve the following pass rates:-
PRINCE2® 2017 has a greater focus on the PRINCE2 principles Greater clarity on the link between the themes and principles Increased emphasis on tailoring to take account different environments such as complex commercial projects and those using Agile techniques. Restructuring of the themes guidance to accommodate specific examples of tailoring The practical application of the guidance, with numerous examples, hints, and tips.

The 7 Processes:
Foundation Exam.
PRINCE2® stands for Projects IN Controlled Environments. It is a fully scale-able process driven approach to project management. Although PRINCE2® originated in the UK it has become a world-class international product.
Unrivalled eLearning Software.
You choose how to take your exam – paper, web based or web proctored You choose the language of your exam – up to 22 languages available You get 24/7/365 customer support for any questions you may have You get instant online provisional results You can view, download and print your e-certificate once the official results are out You receive your hard copy certificate promptly Your employer, potential employer or recruitment agency can verify your certificate online.
Works on Android .Apple Tablets, Apple Mac and Windows PCs Include FREE tablet apps for free online /offline course revision Numerous stimulating but simple to us drag and drop exercises embedded throughout all our courses. Resource Library with many FREE templates and tools to accelerate your career. In-house Course Completion & Excellence awards. Interactive Tutor Support from Accredited Course Tutors Timed exam simulator, with 2 ‘mock’ foundation exams 100s of approved practice examination questions to embed knowledge Glossary 180 day access.
Trainers will respond to your question(s) within 24 hours, but usually much quicker.
Who should be interested in this course?
Do not sit the exam before you’re ready and feel confident. We recommend that you should only consider booking an official exam when you have achieved the following:-
PRINCE2 (2017) Foundation e-Learning Only.
Please note that you need to redeem your voucher (book your exam) within the course expiry period.
Process Model – to explain the flow between processes Starting up a Project – pre-project preparation Directing a Project – decision making and providing resources Initiating a Project – developing a full and firm foundation Controlling a Stage – day-to-day project manager’s work Managing Product Delivery – day-to-day team managers work Managing a Stage Boundary – preparing for project board progress decisions Closing a Project – tidy close.
For those concerned that their PC might not be suitable for running a Proctor exam may we recommend testing you equipment using the the PeopleCert Compatability Check.
Some benefits of eLearning include:
At its heart PRINCE2® 2017 is very similar to the previous version (PRINCE2® 2009), but some small changes can make a big difference.
Why consider a PRINCE2® 2017 Foundation Course?
99% of PRINCE2® Foundation 97% of PRINCE2® Practitioner.
Introduction to projects and PRINCE2® – explains what makes projects different from BAU and introduces the four integrated elements of PRINCE2®
Visual Learners – our courses are visually engaging, with many diagrams and images to illustrate and highlight key points Auditory Learners – our courses contain clear audio, delivered by subject specialists rather than actors, which we find helps ensure that emphasis is placed on the most important aspects kinesthetic Learners – our courses have many test questions and inter-active exercises embedded within them to aid those who learn best through practising what they have learnt Course Accessibility – if you have a hearing impairment, or need to turn the audio off a full transcripts are available within our courses.
Further help:
Top Quartile Exam Results.
Greater demand for qualified PRINCE2® Project Managers . Rising Salaries for qualified Project Management Professionals. Interview selection prescreening using PRINCE2® keyword filtering on submitted CVs.
Online Proctoring Explained.
The course will prepare you for taking the foundation level examination.
Learning can occur at a time and place to suit you – around your work commitments and lifestyle You can repeat the course units, exercises and tests as many times as you like, until you are confident It is often cheaper than classroom courses, and there are no travelling costs! Associated exams can also be taken at home, on-line at a time to suit you using the PeopleCert Proctor service.

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