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As of 2014 we no longer support our multi-vendor version 4.4. Vendor specific versions are available below. MayTec version is the most current, 80/20 had not been updated since June 2013. If you had previously installed Frame Designer, you may have to uninstall it through Control Panel prior to the installation of the versions below.
Release date: In active development Size: 63 MB Part selection: Good for profiles, Good for accessories Export: SolidWorks, STEP, 3D PDF, IGES, Pro/E Auto-update: Yes Link: Download.
Release date: June 2013 (dev. frozen) Size: 26 MB Part selection: Good for profiles, poor for accessories Export: None Auto-update: No Link: Download.
Old multi-vendor version 4.4 is deactivated due to its age and incompatibilities with current Windows versions.
Mac version is no longer offered.
System Requirements.
The following system requirements are needed to run FrameXpert Frame Designer on your computer.
Windows 8/7/XP/Vista/2000/NT Intel or AMD CPU 1 Gb RAM 100 MB disk space Graphics card compatible with OpenGL 1.4, 512 MB RAM (NVIDIA 8600 series , ATI X1300) Internet connection 52 kbit/s or more.
Release Notes:
Released 02-05-2012 ‐ 4.4 - Added "Slot Accessory" tool. This feature gives access to additional parts and, in some cases, allows the user to replace the connectors with other entities. - Added "Door" tool to create panel or framed doors through interactive "wizard" style dialog - Added automatic creation and placement of fasteners - Added parametrization menu tool to define and manipulate profile dimensions and relationships - Added bug/suggestion submission interface. - Added base plates to allow installation of casters and leveling feet onto the ends of rectangular and large square profiles. - Added Edit->Group and Edit->Ungroup menu items to create and manage groups of extrusions - Edit Connector tool now handles fasteners as well as profile connectors - Slot Panel tool extended to handle under-defined frames - Contour Mounted Panel tool now snaps to slot edges and profile edges.
Released 22-01-2012 ‐ 4.3 - "Stretch" and "Rotate" tools were removed from the toolbox, these features are available by right-clicking the editable entity - Profile length can now be edited by direct input in "Properties" window - Improved caster placement tool, implemented position hints and realistic offsets - All documentation is now accessible through Get Bill of Materials link - Panels are automatically split when maximum sheet size is exceeded in the drawing - Design object can now be found and selected from the list accessible through (Edit->Select from Scene) menu item - Added ability to add a comment to any object in the design, profile, panel, caster, etc. - Improved Demo Player. Script can be stopped at any time with ability to edit the scene from any point in the demo. Mouse pointer is now shown in demo mode, and so are clicks and selected commands. - Added tool to place slot covers on the T-slots that do not need to be open - Missing connector warnings, orange stripe is displayed where profile connection was detected, but no connector was selected - Shortcut to rotate the profile about it's axis, select the profile and press SPACE or G keyboard key - Edit connectors tool was added to the toolbox, the tool allows to change the position and the type of the connector - Complex connectors like oblique and miter are now visualized - Improved interaction with document server, request number and progress are displayed, the local program is not forced to wait for the response. - Realistic rendering (File->Export To->PNG) is now available to further help visualization. Render server runs in test mode and may not always be available.
Released 01-07-2011 ‐ 4.2.1 Release 4.2.1 addresses a few bugs that had slipped into our previous version. We thank our users who help us identify the problems and make our software better.
Released 28-06-2011 ‐ 4.2 1. Toolbox extended with "Contour Panel" tool, allowing for creation of non-rectangular, complex panels 2. Rectangular Panel tool was added to quickly access simple panel drawing feature 3. Added wire meshes and their fasteners, available through panel "Properties" dialog's "Model" drop-down. 4. Implemented "Edit Connectors" menu item to select connector type and position in accordance with vendor limitations 5. Documentation server rendering and level of detail have been improved 6. Properties dialog shows Parent-Child relationships of entities and related machining 7. Corner Pieces for 40 mm extrusions allow for cleaner designs 8. Added ability to view the design with vendor specific parts and connector positions 9. "Submit design for review" button lets you send your design and comments for technical advice 10. "Browse catalog" link lets you search vendor catalogs for additional parts and add them to your design (as Bill of Materials entries) 11. Extrusion library has been extended with new 40 mm "smooth" profiles and 45 mm profile group.
Released 18-11-2010 ‐ 4.1.3 FEATURES: 1. Adaptive grid 2. Background documentation loading 3. Improved BOM and assembly documentation 4. Migrate to InstallShield 5. Connector error warnings.
FIXED: 1. Problem with PDF reader 2. Mac OS 10.6 supporting 3. Installation problems on some computers 5. About 20 bugs.
Released 26-10-2010 ‐ 4.1.2 FEATURES: 1. Improved assembly documentation 2. Native windows interface 3. Native mac os interface.
FIXED: 1. About 20 bugs 2. Support of proxy.
Released 06-10-2010 ‐ 4.1 FEATURES: 1. Polygonal panels 2. Slice angle snap 3. Improved Bill of Materials for maytec and 8020 4. Panel images in assembly documentation 5. New tutorial 6. Optimized size of pdf 7. Properties in context menu 8. Removed filtering of profiles by measurement 9. Measurements in preferences 10. Extended samples.
FIXED: 1. Memory leaks 2. About 30 bugs.
Released 09-09-2010 ‐ 4.0 Features: 1. Angle Profiles 2. Slice Profile Angle 3. Improve camera 4. New User Interface 5. Improve multi vendors supporting 6. Improve visualization 7. Bill of materials 8. Improve foot and caster tools 9. Improve update system 10. Imperial profiles 11. Fixed many of bugs.
Released 06-08-2010 ‐ 3.1.2 Features: 1. Send to eBay button 2. UPS shipping.
Fixed: 1. Grid unit value in imperial drawing 2. Too aggressive snaps.
Released 16-07-2010 ‐ 3.1.1 1. Generate Bill of materials for version from 2. Add Camera View Control Hit 3. Fixed many of crashes 4. Fixed about 20 bugs 5. Show gif animation help in Mac OS X.
Released 07-07-2010 ‐ 3.1 1. Supporting 8020 catalog 2. Improve design 3. Generate assembly documentation 4. Show surface reflection 5. New startup wizard.
Released 08-05-2010 ‐ 3.0 1. Panel elements 2. New accessories: Feet 3. Inertial camera 4. New design 5. Update object palette 6. Progress operations 7. Rotate tool 8. Stretch tool 9. New move tool 10. Move in plane 11. Move with keyboard arrows 12. New camera Pan 13. Work using RDP 14. Interface style "Heat" 15. New feet and roller algorithm 16. New samples 17. Bug Fixes.
Released 21-04-2010 ‐ 2.7.1 FIXED: 1. Bug with multiple covers in the drawing. 2. Bug with catalog update.
Released 23-03-2010 ‐ 2.7 FEATURES: 1. New Payment Form 2. Optimize speed 3. More Preferences 4. Level and Mid snaps 5. New dimension arrows style 6. Transparent Man 7. Automatic updates 8. Buy button.
Released 21-02-2010 ‐ 2.6 FEATURES: 1. Visualization of profile connections 2. Order processing.
FIXED: 1. About 20 bugs.
Released 05-02-2010 ‐ 2.5 FEATURES: 1. Change active profile with Space in paste and select 2. Snap to parallels in paste operation 3. Optimization documents generation 4. Order form.
FIXED: 1. Move up profile after remove roller 2. Camera and View cube intersection 3. Snaps in edit length tools 4. Parallel snaps bug.
Released 04-02-2010 ‐ 2.4 FEATURES: 1. Magnet snap 2. Parallels snap in paste 3. Snaps to planes in edit length tool 4. Autosave.
Released 29-01-2010 ‐ 2.3 FEATURES 1. Many features in the "Preference" dialog 2. Snaps to Parallels 3. Perfomance optimization 4. correct labels in inches 5. Fit To All button in the camera tool 6. Neighbors distance highlight 7. Addition shop 8. Order form.
FIXED: 1. 3 critical bugs 2. Bug with 30x30 profile rendering documentation.
Released 27-01-2010 ‐ 2.2 FEATURES 1. New design of the camera tool and view cube 2. Full rotation of the view cube in 3D 3. Snap to nearest profiles 4. Improve design of icons 5. New combobox for profile selection 6. Perfomance optimization 7. Realtime detection of profile intersections.
FIXED: 1. Fatals with some display cards 2. Memory leaks 3. Fix scaling calculations in documentation rendering.
Released 15-01-2010 ‐ 2.1 FEATURES: 1. More usability interface 2. Startup Master 3. New Icons 4. Buy button 5. Extend Main Menu 6. Input with keyboard in extrude tool 7. Copy/Paste operations 8. Box button 9. Select All tool 10. Copy with ctrl when object is selected 11. Swith between select and extrude modes with TAB key.
FIXED: 1. Not always run in Windows XP 2. Bug in Roller tool.
Released 30-12-2009 ‐ 2.0 FEATURES: 1. Improving the quality of render 2. Full optimization 3. Extent Extrude tool 4. More usability SNAPS. 5. Extent "Draw In Plane" tool 6. 5-10 NEW usability features 7. Multipage zoom in documentation 8. Feedback form 9. Drawing units wizard.
FIXED: 1. Installation on clean XP 2. 25-30 BUGS.
Released 22-12-2009 ‐ 1.4 FEATURES: 1. New Toolbar 2. Extend Extrude tool 3. Add ruler to extrude tool 4. New Grid Button 5. More usable grip points 6. Highlight Profiles corners 7. Optimize speed 8. Remove object quick edit menu 9. 5-10 small features.
FIXED: 1. Cover, Roller with Undo/Redo bugs 2. Snap to planes bug 3. 5-10 small bugs.
Released 18-12-2009 ‐ 1.3 FEATURES: 1. Request assembly docs (Menu: Help->request). 2. Steering Wheel (Toolbar: Standard->Steering Wheel) 3. Сircled over the scene. 4. Workspace Switch (File->workspace). 5. Quick edit buttons. 6. Menu tools. 7. Extent Draw in Plane tool (Only in professional workspace). 8. Automatic zoom. 9. 5-10 small features.
1. Less installation file size 2. Proxy support. 2. Fixed 10-15 bugs.
Released 18-12-2009 ‐ 1.2 FEATURES: 1. Request assembly docs (Menu: Help->request). 2. Steering Wheel (Toolbar: Standard->Steering Wheel) 3. Сircled over the scene. 4. Workspace Switch (File->workspace). 5. Quick edit buttons. 6. Menu tools. 7. Extent Draw in Plane tool (Only in professional workspace). 8. Automatic zoom. 9. 5-10 small features.
FIXED: 1. Less installation file size 2. Proxy support. 2. Fixed 10-15 bugs.
Released 08-12-2009 ‐ 1.1 FEATURES: 1. Place covers button on the Draw Toolbar.
FIXED: 1. Unicode bug. 2. Minor bug in Draw Tool. 3. Desktop Icon in Windows Vista/Seven. 4. Small bug with place wheels.
Released 08-12-2009 ‐ 1.0 First release.

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