When your organization is small enough and the work can be done remotely, it might not seem worth dragging your employees to one central location — especially considering the cost of leasing a private office.

And, conveniently, employees generally love telecommuting. Globally, 70% of professionals work from home at least one day per week, and 20% work remotely regularly.

That said, only interacting with your colleagues through a screen can get a little lonely, and there are some real advantages to spending time with other humans. Is it time for your business to explore the benefits of coworking spaces in Delhi?

These meticulously designed modern shared workspaces are on the rise. Here are some compelling reasons why coworking is worth exploring.

Other People Are Good for Our Health
Are your employees happy and productive in their home offices? Are you sure?

One of the great things about working from home is that there’s no one to bother you. But one of the terrible things about working from home is that there’s no one to bother you.

Loneliness, in fact, takes a very real toll on the heart — and can even be deadly. This has been well documented for older people: Social isolation can lead to "high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, a weakened immune system, anxiety, depression, cognitive decline, Alzheimer's disease, and even death," according to the National Institute on Aging.

Traditionally, younger employees almost always started working alongside more experienced colleagues in the workplace. In the transition to more remote work, though, some of the employee health problems associated with seclusion may begin making an appearance at younger and younger ages. Some mental health problems can be exacerbated by isolation as well, and one recent study found that remote workers are more likely to be disengaged. Moving your business to a coworking space provides employees with regular interactions with others and protects them from the worst social isolation in the workplace.

The Benefits of Coworking Spaces
Being around other people has benefits on its own, but coworking also brings other advantages to the table. Consider networking. It isn’t just for your employees’ sakes — it can help you find new employees, new vendors, new clients, and new ideas. When you have a cup of coffee in the kitchen, you can chat about your job, and someone new can have a great solution to a problem.

Coworking can also eliminate some of the challenges common to home offices. Not only does it separate employees from the distraction of the dog or neighbor who mows their lawn incessantly, but it creates a clearer division between an employee's "job" and "life". That is a separation that is difficult to achieve when employees work and sleep in the same room.

Plus, getting out of the house is an excuse to get a little dressed up. No one wants to be the only person in the coworking space wearing pajama bottoms, and a change of pace (and clothes) might encourage clearer thinking. It’s been argued that wearing formal business attire can actually improve your creativity and long-term strategizing.

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