This time of year is a natural time for people to start thinking about change. The New Year seems to be the right time for a fresh start. I envy my friends in the southern hemisphere. I think a new year in the middle of summer can make getting back into shape a lot or starting a new hobby or having daylight to do such things.

A friend of mine is considering quitting smoking. He schedules it several times a year so I know he's serious about it. He says to me "Tom, I quit smoking Monday". I usually respond by telling him if he really wants to retire from the job he should be doing now rather than planning another day in the future. It often evokes a strange and confusing look on his part: "If you want to do something, you have to plan it and prepare yourself."

This is how it is with a lot of people. They want to make changes in their life through major milestones that need to be planned. Redesigned. Then the plan should be cleaned until the plan is complete. Then the plan must be improved. Maybe a different strategy could work better. Then it needs to be cleaned and upgraded before it can reach the third project. Sometimes you decide ... you have to learn to plan well. Then you really give up on all of your plans and plan to learn how to design. Then you will make a new plan, improve it and renew it ......

Surprisingly, these few people I know seem to have an extra copy of the “Get Things Done” book that they feel the need to share with me.

Although I think there should be some form of design, I think people make it very difficult. While they are planning all the big changes, they are missing out on all the little things in their life that can be easily fixed. 30 little things can be changed when you cannot do a big thing.

The reason is simple. It speaks of empowerment. Archimedes said: "Give me a place to stand and with a lever I will rule the whole world." There is a solution to the problem. Too many people try to navigate the world in one big elevator. Then they make a list to make it even more difficult.

Where are we?

First, let's consider the challenges. Many people see problems as a failure. They work like the brain has individual parts where different problems are stored. Fortunately, the brain is much easier to understand than that in these cases. There is no independent operation. Every thought touches every thought. Every problem affects every problem. It is a great celestial system of thoughts and desires rotating and interacting to express your worldview. From time to time to change the weather.

Now to live. I think the reason people tend to ignore the little problems is because they think that if they solve the big problems, the little things will end. While this may be true ... the opposite is also true ... it's easy!

Think of a little problem. Let's say at the end of the day, you throw your socks in the middle of the floor. He wants them to be placed where they need to be. So your change might be to put on your socks at the end of the day. It doesn't appear to be anything other than ... everything in the brain is connected. This is where the empowerment is.

Minor issues give you strength. This is where you can be most successful and quickly see the obvious results. They are linked to major problems. I am a lever. When you deal with small problems, you solve big ones. Why is that? It does not make sense? It won't be that easy! You men are crazy! ... must be. Thanks for noticing.

The reason is simple. promind complex review Every problem, big or small, is a door that enters a room in your mind as the problem is established. You can try knocking on the big deal door with all the complicated locks and metal bar locks or .... you can enter through a door that hangs half open with only socks on the floor.

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