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Every UTV ride needs certain accessories. These handy items help improve safety, comfort, convenience, or performance. But with so many options out there, it can be tough knowing which accessories to invest in.

We've gathered up the must-have UTV accessories below. If you have questions or want to explore side-by-sides for sale, visit UTV Wolfpack.

1. A Winch

A UTV ride involves cruising over challenging terrain. It's not uncommon to end up with traction issues, such as getting stuck in the mud or ending up in a ditch. A winch is helpful in getting the side-by-side back on the trail where it belongs. It's also useful in pulling an obstacle out of your path, such as a fallen log.

Make sure to get a winch that matches the power of your UTV. Otherwise, you may end up draining the battery. Winches can come in wire or synthetic options, making it easy to find one that fits your needs.

2. LED Lights

Visibility is a key part of safe UTV riding. It's important to see any obstacles ahead and to be seen by any motorists or pedestrians in the area. But sometimes, the default lighting that comes with the model is not strong enough. That's where LED lights enter the picture.

LED lights offer a brighter beam while also burning less power. They can be swapped with the current lights. Or they can be added onto a side-by-side to boost its visibility even more. For example, many UTVs can be outfitted with LED light bars, which emit a long cast of light. Whatever lighting upgrade you pick, make sure you don't overload your side-by-side's power capabilities.

3. A GPS

It's always helpful to bring along a GPS. Your sense of direction may be strong, but anyone can end up lost in the woods. A GPS is your ticket to finding your way back without hours of searching. It'll also be much more reliable than your cell phone's map apps, which may not load well out in the middle of nowhere. Plus, using maps on a phone is a big battery drain.

A GPS can also be used to chart key locations. Maybe there's a great trail head you want to remember. Maybe you are scouting locations for a future hunting trip and want to make note of potential places to set up your deer stand. A GPS makes it easy to keep track of important spots.

4. Emergency Supplies

As the Boy Scout motto goes, "be prepared". It's important to equip yourself to handle an emergency situation.

Start with a first aid kit. This should contain the supplies for handling minor medical situations, such as ointments, pain killers, and bandages.

Next, bring basic supplies in case something goes wrong and the UTV ride goes longer than expected. For example, bring along more water and food than you expect you'll need, as well as extra clothing.

Finally, bring along a toolkit to address minor mechanical issues that may pop up. Make sure you have the right sized items for your UTV and that you know how to work all the tools.

5. An Enclosed Cab

UTVs tend to be made with an open cab as the default. Adding an enclosed cab can dramatically improve the riding experience. It'll keep out kicked-up rocks, dust, bugs, rain, wind, and other nuisances. It can even allow you to still go for a UTV ride even when the weather is less-than-ideal.

We hope you found this guide to essential Universal UTV Parts helpful. For more UTV advice or to explore side-by-sides for sale, head over to Big Country Santa ana. Our expert staff can answer questions and assist with whatever you need.

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