The best class for WoW Classic for single adventure: Hunters

Whether in WoW Classic or modern WoW, hunters are very playable classes because they can use almost all the weapons in the game, and they are the only ones that can rely on pets to cause a lot of damage. In PvP battles, hunters usually carry melee weapons such as swords or daggers in their bags to combat melee attackers such as rogues. In PvE battles such as raids or dungeons, hunters can attack monsters by using long-range weapons such as bows or guns, and use pets to absorb monster attacks to ensure they are always safe. Hunters have a very low threat to bosses in raids, so they can continue to attack without worrying about being caught by monsters, so the damage done by hunters in the team is very stable.

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If you have high requirements for the appearance of the character, then the night elves will be your best race, and the female night elves will be very beautiful when using bows and arrows. If you don't care about the appearance of the character, then you can choose between the troll and the orc. Because of all the races in WOW Classic, only the strengths of these two races can improve the hunter's damage: three of the troll's four racial traits are very beneficial to the hunter, and the violent can greatly increase the attack speed of the hunter. You can increase the skill level of the bow weapon. The beast killer is a hunter that can deal 5% additional damage to the beast; the orc hunter's command can increase the damage caused by the pet. In theory, troll hunters are the most devastating of all race hunters.

It is worth noting that hunters need to consume ammunition when conducting long-range attacks. In other words, if you are going to participate in a large raid team, you need to prepare enough arrows or ammunition in the bag in advance, otherwise you must prepare a larger capacity quiver and ammunition bag. Of course, even if you are fully prepared, there will be a shortage of ammunition. If necessary, you can let friends on the team carry some for you.

The hunter's pet guarantees the efficiency of the hunter in acting alone. While pets in WoW Classic don't offer the same level of assistive capabilities as modern WoW, it's useful to attract attacks from monsters and keep hunters safe. With the help of pets, you can easily challenge elite monsters even if you lack sufficient equipment.

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