There are many excellent features to recommend

There are very few options rg59 cable home depot that have the

ability to bind either plastic comps or twin loop wire on the very same

machine. The Ailes WireMac Combo gives you the choice of using a 3.1

pitch wire punching mechanism for thinner projects, or a 2:1 pitch wire

punching mechanism for thicker projects. This includes the heavy-duty

construction made famous by Akiles, but with the ability to bind

projects with plastic combs. If you need versatility, you've found the

right machine.

There are many excellent features to recommend the WireMac Combo,

including a design with two legal-length punching slots for 14" long

documents. The first slot creates rectangular holes for plastic comb

binding. The second slot is for 2:1 or 3:1 pitch hole patterns

(depending on the model you select), used in wire binding. Because of

this diversity, the WireMac Combo brings you the flexibility you need

to handle a variety of binding projects.

In addition to the binding options, both of the WireMac Combo models

have a wire closer included, which can work on wires anywhere from

3/16," all the way up to 1 ?". If your needs require a 2:1 pitch wire

punch, the corresponding 2:1 pitch wire works great for a wide array of

document sizes. If, however, your needs require a 3:1 pitch wire punch,

you still have the ability to bind bigger projects with wire by

choosing a bigger spiral-o wire.

The WireMac Combo has extra features that make it a great all-purpose

binding system. One of these features is a sturdy plastic comb opener.

The comb opener can accommodate plastic combs from 3/16" on up to 2" in

diameter, making it quite versatile. Couple this with a helpful

depth-of-punch margin control, completely disengageable punching pins.

and plastic comb and wire measurement guides, and you have one of the

most versatile products on the market.

As much as the WireMac Combo can do, looking good is not one of its

attributes. Because of all the combined features in one binding system,

the WireMac combo is somewhat large and awkward looking. If you aren't

intimidated by its odd looks and slightly oversized footprint, however,

you can enjoy a functional, well-made binding machine with lots of


The one way that the WireMac Is not versatile is when you bind quite

small, or very large-sized documents. There are few choices available

readily, without having to order special supplies. Special supplies can

cost more and can be a great deal more difficult to locate than

standard twin-loop wire sizes. You should also keep in mind that a

manual punching system is not the perfect application for high-volume

binding projects. If you work mostly in these larger volumes, another

binding system may be a better option.

As for the way it is constructed, the WireMac Combo's durable,

heavy-duty metal construction is hard to beat, making it another in a

long line of Akiles binding projects that are truly built to last. The

machine may come with a one-year warranty, but it will rarely be needed

- it's that dependable.

With all that it offers, the Akiles WireMac Combo would give any small

to mid-sized company a binding system that works now and for years to

come. Because of its true versatility and the ability to bind with

either plastic combs or twin loop wire, the WireMac makes sense for a

large variety of applications. There are few reasons not to by the

WireMac Combo, and its large, slightly awkward design may be the only

real issues for the machine

As previously mentioned, a larger company may consider a

multi-dimensional, modular system with a modular punch mechanism, a

comb binder opener or even a wire closer. The drawback? It would cost a

great deal more than the WireMac Combo, even though it does have higher

productivity. For a great value and a lot of versatility, however, the

WireMac Combo is the way to go.

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