There is no shortage of brands of refrigerator water purifiers

Remember that Premium Whole House Water Filter contaminants exist as ions in the water. The obvious question is whether any of the seriously dangerous contaminants exist with the ionic charge that makes them go into what's called the alkaline water stream because if they do the ionizer is actually making the water less safe to drink by concentrating the bad ions. Unfortunately, the answer is that some very harmful contaminants actually do concentrate in the alkaline stream. For example, both trivalent and pentavalent arsenic will go into the alkaline water stream. Arsenic is known to produce cancer and birth defects.The ionizing water purifier actually increases the concentration of arsenic in the water that you drink. This is a huge problem because most ionizing purifiers do not have sufficient filtration before ionization toremove the arsenic. If they did, then many other types of ions would also be likely to be removed and there wouldn't be much of an alkaline water stream at all since the ions would be gone.


The bottom line is that you shouldn't fall for any of the amazing claims that purifiers make about creating some kind of super water. It is really pseudo science, and the sad thing is that because of the redox reactions that really can happen in your body when you start using ionizing purifiers, you might think you feel better even if the Restaurant Equipment Water Filtration is making you very ill in the long run. The thing to look for is a water treatment system that will provide you with safe, clean water to drink and not magic water. Ponce De Leon didn't find the fountain of youth and neither will you find the magic water purifier. Clean, safe water is what you body is designed for and, frankly, your body will take care of you if you just give it water that isn't contaminated.

There is no shortage of brands of refrigerator water purifiers on the market today. There is variety, and sometimes that can be overwhelming. Some brands will only work in some refrigerators, so this is something to keep in mind as you perform your search. Some brands have a better reputation also, and this is important. After all we are talking about you and your family's health!

Most brands of purifiers will have a filtration life of roughly six months. That makes the daily cost of refreshing, purifiered water quit affordable for you and your family. Certainly cheaper than purchasing bottled water!

Now, let us discuss the many types of household water filter malaysia available in today's market.

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