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heavy metal f.a.k.k 2 download

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heavy metal f.a.k.k 2 download

Name: heavy metal f.a.k.k 2 download

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heavy metal 1981 soundtrack download

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heavy metal 1981 soundtrack download

Name: heavy metal 1981 soundtrack download

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wild things cbd oilParis he

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Top 5 camera apps for your Android smartphone

hey say the best camera is the one that you have. Often it is your phone. As statistics of modern smartphone usage will have it, chances are your phone is an Android smartphone. Unlike the iPhone or some of Microsoft's Lumia phones, most Android phones are not blessed with the best imaging hardware or software. While you are basically stuck with the hardware of your phone, you can always tinker around with the software.

In fact, hardware is not a major issue. On most high-end Android (and many mainstream) phones it is decent, but on the software front they falter. But fret not, there are better third party solutions. We tested a legion of camera apps on the OnePlus One - here are the top 5 in our humble opinion.

Camera 360

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Camera 360 has been on the Google Play store for a long time. And it has stood the test of time. It is perhaps the best camera app on the Play Store as it provides the best blend of manual control and automatic functionality. Its manual functions are packed in a very intuitive user interface which is actually very similar to the one seen on Microsoft's Lumia camera app. It also has a number of creative filters, which makes this a great option for an amateur or a pro. The great news is that it's free.

Camera FV-5

Camera FV-5 is a paid app. It is also an app which is suited only for people who are familiar with a DSLR as it posits a number of functions that will be normally found on a DSLR. There's no automatic mode and you need to know what you are doing. If the answer is yes, then Camera FV-5 can be possibly the best camera app for you as it offers unprecedented manual control. You'll find it all with this app - ISO, Exposure, Shutter speed, metering, white balance, bracketing and much more.

A Better Camera

A Better Camera is a lot like Camera 360 except that its filters and user interface are not as good. It's also paid app, but there's a good reason for that because as its manual controls are extensive. They are almost as extensive as apps like Camera FV-5 and DSLR Camera, which are two apps that provide detailed controls for people who know their way around a camera.

DSLR Camera

Like Camera FV-5 DSLR camera is an app meant for an enthusiast. It offers detailed manual controls so you'll find things like exposure control, metering, white balance, bracketing, ISO and even a timer. It is a good app, we found it to be a tad slow, which is never good for instanced when you are trying to capture a subject in motion. Like Camera FV-5, it's also a paid app something which you'll need to factor in.

Camera MX

Last but not the least, Camera MX is a basic camera app, which will replace the stock camera app. It does not offer much in terms of function as compared to some of the app that are here on the list, but it offers a plain-simple and beautiful interface, which is always good. And yes, before you ask us, it is better than Google's camera app.

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