How to Find Unique and Special Clothes and Accessories
We live in a modern world where fashion has a commanding presence in society. If we watch television or reada magazine, the first thing we discover is advertising relating to slow fashion or a specific fashion brand.
The fashion industry grew in a pyramid way, where Haute Couture was first, followed by brands that dressed the masses. Today different brands have emerged, from sportswear, streetwear, occasionwear and so on. And now the consumer can mix an haute couture garment or bag with clothing from a department store,
All this has led the industry to expand massively over time, from non-fashion companies dedicatingthemselves to mass-producing cheap garments to the growth of the big fashion brands.
Natural clothing, which does not pollute the environment, is lovingly handcrafted from organic textiles. Depending on the dyeing technique, there may be slight deviations in appearance. Such garments makeunusual giftswhich are ecofriendly and unique.
Silk, wool and cotton scarvesare created in white and a variety of naturalcolours, for example. from Reseda, walnut shells, cochineal, natural indigo and madder root. Only alum is used as the stain, so there areno toxic heavy metal stains.
Crafts refer both to the work of the craftsman (usually carried out manually by a person without the aid of machinery or automation), and to the object or product obtained. For a craft to be such, it must be worked by hand and the fewer industrial processes involved, the more artisanal it will be. Craft objects are pieces of material culture since they vary depending on the culture, the landscape, the climate, their history and provenance.Ethically handcrafted jewellery is one such example. Another is Vintage Kimono.
An object or product of community cultural identity, made by continuous manual processes aided by rudimentary implements and some of the mechanical function that lightens specific tasks. The transformed primary raw material is generally obtained in the region where the artisan lives.
Mastering the traditional techniques of community heritage allows the artisan to create different objects of varied quality and mastery, also imprinting the symbolic and ideological values of the local culture.
Collectable curiositiescan be used for domestic, ceremonial, decoration, clothing, or as a work implement.For many people, craftsmanship is a compromise between design and art.
Some artisans dedicate themselves to the so-called traditional crafts, but they are fewer and fewer.You find these byCurious shopping online.
One of the main problems of crafts is competition with products from low-cost industrial processes, with an appearance similar to artisan madeproducts, but with lower prices and quality.

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