Waste furniture industry chain is still exploring the stage

For now, China's home building materials and other traditional manufacturing brand awareness is particularly weak, covering the group is not small,inexpensive bedroom chairs uk but the consumption of low-frequency, customer value of the high value of the property, leading to home brand awareness is far from home appliances and other consumer goods. With the consumer groups change, consumer awareness of the brand is also getting higher and higher, not only for high quality requirements, functional and practical more and more pick, so the brand building is now imperative.

With the rapid development of China's economy, the income of the residents has increased rapidly, the middle-income groups have been expanding continuously, the consumption structure has been escalating, consumers demand higher consumption of products and services, pay more attention to quality, pay attention to brand consumption, showing individuality and diversification , High-end,outdoor portable chairs buying online experiential consumption characteristics.

This is reflected in the home, is that people's first demand gradually from the cost-effective conversion to product quality and user experience. In recent years, the rise of the Internet home improvement as an example. 2015 is known as the first year of Internet home improvement, due to the pre-boost of the capital, the company launched the home improvement package even if the profit is low or lose money, still hope that through the scale to achieve the ultimate profit, but behind the hustle and bustle is "almost every day Dead "dilemma.lounge chairs uppliers

In 2016, the industry in the "Internet can not stop the publicity gimmick, it is the supply chain, the delivery, the flow of the indicators have excellent indicators" to reach a consensus, it is not the property of the vertical, we gradually stressed that the Internet, But the sense of doing every order, and to ensure the quality of materials, construction quality under the premise of starting from the user, adding human,outdoor furniture wicker furniture water resistant chaise lounge for example, easy to operate intelligent gateway, consumers can see the progress of real-time decoration, VR WYSIWYG, personalization and customization.

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