What are the Advantages of Online Marketing?

The advent of the net has changed many things in relationships between people, in communication, in education, in commerce, in marketing.

No more than 15/20 years ago it was very difficult to make oneself known for small companies or professionals. Today, however, it is much simpler and more accessible for anyone to make their business known, even when they are just born, nationally or worldwide.

This thanks to the innovative tools of the Web. Thanks to the new frontier of marketing: Web Marketing

Web Marketing is not only a set of tools that allow small companies to make themselves known and find new customers but it also becomes fundamental for large companies or multinationals to be able to support offline marketing, with countless advantages, which I will illustrate in this article .

Web Marketing actually means a very wide range of activities, which must work in synergy with each other in order to obtain the desired results: Copywriting, Pay Per Click (which includes Facebook Ads, Google AdWords, Linkedin Ads, etc.), Conversion Rate Optimization, Search Engine Optimization, etc.

The Advantages of Online Marketing

Today, investments in internet marketing services in Rhode Island are increasing more and more. From personal experience, however, in Italy there is still much diffidence in investing in this channel compared to foreign countries, the United States and the United Kingdom in the first place.

So what are the advantages of relying on Online Marketing?

Everything is traceable and measurable

Here is a likely advertising sign to promote my business. But would it really be worth it?

Think of an advertising sign posted on a busy ring road: how many people have seen it? How many have passed in front of it without looking at it? How many arrived at your company or bought your product thanks to this sign? How much did you get thanks to this sign?

Giving these answers is impossible.

With an online Marketing campaign, however, you can know exactly  how many have viewed a certain banner , or an ad,  how many found it interesting and therefore clicked on it, how many sales it generated , how much you cashed thanks to that banner, that ad or that campaign.

ROI is calculable to the hundredth

The investment in the marketing campaign is always under control and the revenues are updated in real time to the hundredth. Calculating whether or not your campaign had a positive ROI over a given period is so extremely easy and, consequently, you can make the decision whether to continue precisely or not.

You can choose a specific target

Let's go back for a moment to the example of the advertising sign on the ring road. Let's say you sell sports shoes, and that the cartel promotes a special promotion for the purchase of soccer shoes.

Thousands of people will pass us by, and the price you will have to pay to the advertising agency will be proportional to the number of people to whom the sign is exposed.

But how many of these are interested in soccer shoes?

There will be elderly people who cannot move much, there will be those interested in the sport of fishing, those who are not absolutely sporty, those who are only interested in astrophysics, who - I know many - think only of work and have no hobbies.

This means that you will pay to display the sign even to those who are not absolutely interested in your offer.

On the contrary, thanks to digital marketing tools, you can select the target audience based on many characteristics:


  • Age
  • Sex
  • Residence
  • Interests
  • Income
  • And any other features you can imagine.


You will no longer pay to show your ads to those who are not interested, but if you advertise soccer shoes for boys you can target the campaign only to boys from 20 to 30 years of age residing within 20 km around your business, with relative interests to football, sports.


If, on the other hand, you manage a luxury hotel , you may be interested in showing your ads to people aged 30 to 55, with a high income, frequent travelers, interested in luxury hotels.

It is easy to experiment

Online Marketing campaigns are extremely flexible . This means that if you have an idea and want to see if it works, you can try it for a day, a week, a month and see if this leads to results. You have the opportunity to stop the campaign at any time , freely, and thus stop the investment.


If instead you have already printed those 10,000 flyers, but subsequently there is a change of time of the event, or you realize that the phone number is wrong, well the investment must be supported the same. In advance .



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It is scalable

Once you have found the right formula that brings results, you can increase your investment until your earnings increase proportionally.


What if the campaign is no longer profitable overnight? Pause, with a simple click, and change it.

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