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What are the benefits of invisible braces (invisalign)?

Orthodontics is a very specific specialty of odontostomatology that is responsible for the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of malposition of the teeth and defects of the maxillary bones.

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When should we go to the orthodontist? At what age can an orthodontic treatment be performed?

The teeth move at any age. Both children and adults can benefit from orthodontic treatments. It is recommended that all children receive an orthodontic evaluation when they are around 6 years old. The age of onset depends on the type of pathology. There are cases where it is necessary to do an early treatment at an early age ( 8-10 years ), for correcting habits, orthopedic treatments and others where it is more convenient to start when they already have all the final pieces in the mouth ( at 11 - 13 years old ) .

How is the type of treatment determined?

To know what type of treatment is necessary, a correct diagnosis must be made, made through clinical observation, the use of radiographic images and other complementary methods. After carrying out an exhaustive study, we will be able to know individually what the best treatment for each patient is.

Invisible teeth braces by best orthodontist

Invisible teeth braces are a series of transparent aligners that have characteristics that make them unique in their type, distinguishing them quickly from the other options available in the market and giving patients very important benefits. The first of these benefits is also the most notorious at first sight and the one that undoubtedly motivates many people to choose this type of bracess as their best option: invisibility.

Metal braces vs. invisible bracess

Because they are transparent in appearance, these bracess are quite discreet , a feature that turns out to be very useful if our work requires always presenting an impeccable smile and free of any artifact, or simply if we do not want those around us to learn that the we are using; we will be using bracess and nobody will notice. Perfect, do not you think?

Another of the great benefits of this type of Invisalign Houston bracess is the fact that they are completely removable, which means that the patient can eat and drink absolutely everything they want and when they want it for the duration of the treatment.

In addition, another advantage that has this type of Invisalign Clear Braces is that they are removable is that both brushing and flossing will no longer be a problem, as is often the case with metal braces, thus making the treatment much easier to carry, without having to "fight" with our oral hygiene.

Another important point in favour of the use of these Invisalign Clear Aligners, is that they are quite comfortable, this because they do not have metal parts that could cause oral abrasions throughout the treatment.

In turn, a benefit derived from the previous one is that being aligners that do not have wires or metals, the time that the patient must spend in the office to adjust they will be dramatically reduced.

In short, the invisible braces for adults are just as effective as other conventional braces; however as we can, the benefits of choosing them to carry out our treatment will make everything much easier.

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