What Are the Most Basic Diabetes Testing Supplies You Need?

As you frequently pump in more Diabetes Freedom Review insulin into your body, the lazier your pancreas will become and the production of insulin will drop even further. This is because human organs have the tendency to become dependent when external assistance is provided. Insulin injection is just a temporary solution to lower down the elevated blood glucose level. But the side effect is that it kicks start the vicious cycle of self destruction. As the condition get worse, you will need more and more insulin injection to achieve the same objective.

The domino effect begins when one organ begins to fail it usually starts with the kidneys. When the kidneys become weak and incapable of cleaning the blood, the filtering job will pass on to the liver and that will increase the burden of the liver. Soon, even the liver will give up too and when these 2 major filters of the body fail, your body will not be able to decompose those drugs and toxic in the body anymore. What will happen next? I leave it to your imagination.

I do not mean to freak you out here, this is the ugly truth of modern medicine that you must know. I just want to let you know that current medical approach for diabetes is heading towards a dead end. You must start looking for alternative treatment for your diabetes, start by understanding the root of diabetes.


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