Why Web Designers are Switching from Magento to Shopify

The ecommerce world is constantly changing. Today, many companies are diversifying their revenue strings by shifting to ecommerce which has less margins than the traditional shopping malls. Led by Walmart, the world’s largest retailer, most traditional businesses have turned to the online world to tap the new cash cow where people prefer convenience. Globally, this trend is growing rapidly with emerging countries such as China and India leading the way. As the industry grows, innovation is on the rise to help ecommerce players make the lives of ecommerce stakeholders better. One vertical that is rising is on the development side of ecommerce where companies are coming up with solutions to make it easy for people to start their online stores. Shopify is emerging as a leader in ecommerce design beating traditional rivals such as Shopify, Amazon Web store and Bigcommerce.

Easy to design
One main reason why many people and companies are turning to Shopify is on the ease of design. Here, businesses are constantly being in need of platforms that are easy to manage and design because this leads to reduced capex (capital expenses). With Shopify, anyone can develop his own ecommerce store at a faster rate compared to other platforms. All one needs to do is to create an account, pay the required fee, get the templates, and then put in the products. This does not however mean that companies don’t need shopify designers. While it is possible to create a store if you don’t have any background in coding, the fact is that a Shopify designer who has years of experience in the field, is an added advantage.

Quality websites
Another main reason why developers are preferring Shopify over magento is on the quality of websites being developed. It is evident that Shopify has better websites compared to magento for a number of reasons. One, Shopify is relatively newer than magento meaning the developers sealed the gaps in their platform. In addition, there are many shopify designers, constantly providing many templates on a daily basis. For this reason, chances of a developer getting a good theme is high in shopify than in magento.

Shopify as a company
Early this year, Shopify listed at the New York Stocks Exchange (NYSE). As a listed company, many people are more confident with the company than they are with magento, which is a privately owned company. As a listed company, Shopify is mandated to release information to the public members on a regular basis which increases the level of transparency.

With Shopify, entrepreneurs have hundreds of ways to receive their funds. With just a simple integration, users can easily integrate payment systems and receive funds with a minimal processing fee. Some of the main processing methods are: Paypal, credit cards, debit cards, and even apple pay among others.
To move from magento to shopify, it is important to consult a good shopify designers who has many years of experience. The developer needs to have a good background and a good level of experience. This will help you in coming up with a good and profitable website capable of beating the competition.

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