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Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Masticating Dual-Stage Juicer

The Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Masticating Dual-Stage Juicer is one of the best-selling juicers out there. Our list of top picks would have been truly incomplete without this juicer. The best part is that the juicer has been highly rated by bloggers across many platforms.

So, this is clearly a podium position masticating juicer that can beat the daylight out of the average juicers out there. Those who have owned this juicer usually comment that it’s a solid workhorse. So, you won’t end up with buyer’s remorse by considering this Omega J8006 juicer.

Product Features:

The motor on this juicer is strong enough to grind through anything that this juicer is supposed to juice. The auger rotates at only 80 RPM on purpose to deliver the best possible extracts without killing the vitamins and minerals present in the fruits and vegetables.

It also returns fantastic tasting juice. Moreover, it prevents oxidation, which can speed up the process of juice degradation. In the area of juicing, there are no close seconds to this masticating dual-stage juicer. Its immediate rivals that perform the same job will cost you at least twice the price of this juicer.


-It’s a remarkably quiet tool. Therefore, turning this device on won’t seem like an airplane taking off. Basically, the noise level on this machine is pretty bearable.

-Truthfully speaking, this device is more than a juicer. Beyond fruit and vegetable juices, you will able to make pasta, smoothies, nut butter, and a host of other delicious treats.

-This juicer is gentle on the ingredients. The goal is to preserve the nutrients and enzymes to get the most value from the produce. Moreover, the juice extract has an exquisite taste as well.

-It comes with all the necessary scrubbing tools to help you clean the juicer easily without the usual elbow grease involved in the process of cleaning a tool of this nature.

-Believe us or not, this juicer comes with a highly generous 15-year warranty. That should tell you that the juicer is built like a tank. So, you will get many years of juicing use from this masticating juicer.


-For the juicer to work faster, you will have to cut the fruits and vegetables into small pieces. That said, this isn’t a product defect. By nature, it’s meant to be a slow-performing juicer.

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